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Situation: All the Java Admin users (e.g. J2EE_ADMIN) are unusable or locked.

 In a dual stack system we can logon to the ABAP system and unlock the users (ABAP and Java) via transaction SU01.

In a Java-only system we have to use the  Netweaver Administrator (NWA) or Visual Admin to unlock any user.

But if all Admin users in a Java-only system are locked then we have to activate the emergency user SAP* to unlock them.
This can be done via Configtool.
Once SAP* is activated all other users will be deactivated untill SAP* is disabled again.


- Navigate to /usr/sap/SID/J*/j2ee/configtool/
- run the executable
- Expand the nodes Global server config > Services >

- On right hand panel set values for properties as below:






This activates the SAP* user.



Enter any password of your choice. This defines the password for the SAP* user.

- restart AS Java
- SAP* is activated and all other users are deactivated.

- Now login to NWA or VisualAdmin with SAP* and unlock the desired user. Afterwards you can disable SAP* using same procedure.

Refer SAP Note 669848 for more details.



Somethimes the button "Set Custom Value" in ConfigTool is disable and you can't apply the values.

In this case please read note 1596787 - Error activating emergency user on 7.1 J2EE AS