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To help identify the correct SAP component area to log an SAP ticket for a specific application program, ST22- short dumps, Oracle deadlock, developer trace file reports program error


An ST22 Short dump does not show the responsible component in the header information
An ORA-00600 deadlock shows the deadlock occurs in the application and not in the database, the application program name is available in the deadlock graph , however you are unsure of the correct component area to log a ticket.


Go to transaction SE38
Enter the program name and click on Attributes
Choose 'Display'
Double click on 'package'
Under the properties tab you will see 'Application Component'.  This will be the application component responsible for the application.
In the example below I am using the RSBDCOS0 program which allows you to run commands at OS level via SE38 transaction.
From the screen shot you can see the responsible component for RSBDCOS0 is BC-ABA-SC

From the Oracle deadlock ORA-00600 you can identify the application by checking the deadlock graph, please see note, #84348 - Oracle deadlocks, ORA-00060

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