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The purpose of this page is to detail how to mark archive sessions so that they are selected for deletion by the BC_ARCHIVE object.


Archived sessions are stored in the Management screen in transaction SARA. This administration data needs to be cleaned up when the data in this management screen becomes too lengthy. By marking a session; it will then be selected when the BC_ARCHIVE object is run. The BC_ARCHIVE object serves to clean up any unnecessary administration data. 

Marking a session

  • Go to transaction SARA
  • Enter the name of the archive object, and press enter
  • Click on the Management button
  • Select the archive session as follows (and not the archive file itself in the session)
  • Double-click on the selected entry


  • Go to edit mode (F5) * Select the checkbox called 'To Be Archived'
  • Save your changes and press enter
  • You will now see the session under 'Archiving Sessions Marked for Deletion' in the main Management screen

  • Your session has now been successfully marked for deletion

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