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This document describes how to update SAP system based on SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Java using JSPM.


  1. Make a full backup of your system before you start. It will allow you to quickly revert to a working state if the deployment does not finish successfully.
  2. Login as <SID>ADM account to your server and navigate to /usr/sap/<SID>/J<ID>/j2ee/JSPM
  3. Download all required support packages and patches that need to be applied to your system. They are available on --> Software Downloads–> Support Packages and Patches --> A-Z Index and find SAP NetWeaver 7.31

  4. It is very important to install the following new package : ODATACXFEXT before you start with the actual update of the rest of the components in the system.
    • More information: The EPRUNTIME.SCA was splited in two separated SCAs  - EPRUNTIME and ODATACXFEXT on 730 systems and aboove .EPRUNTIME  has dependency ODATACXFEXT ,so to deploy the EPRUNTIME  you first need the ODATACXFEXT .Check if ODATACXFEXT  is presented in your content and add it as "Installing new packages".
  5. Add all SPs, patches and fixes that you want to deploy in /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in (Make sure to remove the patch for JSPM otherwise you will not be able to use it anymore as it is deprecated

  6. Start the JSPM by running ./go in the terminal. You will be prompted to enter an administrative account in order to logon to the AS JAVA system

  7. On the validation page, make sure that all patches have been approved.
  8. Run start and wait until the deployment finishes successfully.

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