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Transported from DEV to PRD the changes about address such as on shipping points. the addresses are no more correct as the addresses correspond
to the numbers defined in DEV but not to be defined addresses in PRD.


Allways address numbers are system/client dependent. Whenever
address is being created the address number will allways be picked from
the number range object 'ADRNR' which is local to that client. So we
cannot allways expect the address number to be same in ADRC table after
the transport of tha address to the target system. Whenever there is a
transport of addresses to the target system the address number will
be taken from the address number range object 'ADRNR' of the target
system. The available highest number in that number range will be picked
as the address number.

Due to this address numbers might be different in the source and target
systems for the same address. This can happen and this is not a problem.

But if the address numbers are same and the address contents like street
city etc are different then there is some problem during the transports
and this can be resolved by doing a retransport of the faulty objects.

Luckily if the address number range of both source and target system
has the same number as the highest available number before the creation
of the address in the source system, then address number and the
address contents like city, street etc can be same in both the systems
after the transports.


About how to avoid the problem can implement note 1619001 before
transport. However cannot guarantee this will not result
in any inconsistencies anymore however it should prevent some and if
inconsistencies happened this can be resolved by RE-TRANSPORT.

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