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This docuemnt tells about how to import language in to your R3 system.

SMLT is tracsation for language import into R3 system.

Steps to be followed:

1> Download the languages package from Service market place.

2> maintain the profile paramtere for language

    Tcode : RZ10    
     Enter Profile : DEFAULT 
     Select Extended Maintenance option  --> Display.

    Search for parameters : zcsa/installed_languages and eu/iwb/installed_languages
    Add the language key in the existing parameter.

    How to find language key:
    To find the language keys :
     tcode : SE17 –>  Enter Table Name : T002T   -->Enter

       Now add the language key in the parameter and save it.

3>  Now go to tcode   SE38 --> execute report “RSCPINST”

       Add languages 


4>   Now you have to take a restart of the system after changing the languages parameter in profile.

5> Go to SMLT tcode
    SMLT --> Click on Language (to classify) --> Add the language in general box to be imported –>
      Add supplementation language –>  English —>  Save


    Again select all packages –>  Click on Import Language Data Button

   6> Now login to system with languages which you have installed just now.