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Customer Service (ICSV)

             ICSV0001 Display of geographic location data

             ICSV0002 SM notification: automatic task determination for service notifications

             ICSV0003 Notification: partner selection

             ICSV0004 Check PM object and display object information

             ICSV0005 SM: Warranty claim reason for rejection (Resource Relate Billing)

             V45W0001 SM: Forward Contract Data To Item (VA)

Equipment Management (IEQM)

             IEQM0001 Equipment: installation of equipment at functional location

             IEQM0002 Equipment: hierarchy assignments

             IEQM0003 Equipment: checks at equipment save

Plant Maintenance Order Processing (IWO1)

             CNEX0013 PM order: Default item category – component/material

             IWO10001 PM order: create a PM sub-order

             IWO10002 PM order: checks for order release

             IWO10004 PM order: check at technical completion

             IWO10005 PM order: profit centre determination

             IWO10006 PM order: deactivation of menu functions

             IWO10007 PM order: permit expansion

             IWO10008 PM order: determine tax jurisdiction

             IWO10009 PM order: check at time 'save'

             IWO10010 PM order: determination of WBS

             IWO10011 PM order: component selection

Maintenance Order History (IWO2)

             IWO10012 PM order: date determination when setting/changing priority

             IWO20001 PM order: user selection options for task lists

Work Order Cycle (IWOC)

             IWOC0001 Create PM/SM Notification: determine reference object

Notification (QQM)

             QQMA0001 PM notification: additional header detail

             QQMA0002 PM notification: additional authorization checks

             QQMA0003 PM notification: "user data" function in "Goto" menu

             QQMA0004 PM notification: "user data" function in "Goto   > Item" menu

             QQMA0005 PM notification: authorisation check on status change

             QQMA0006 PM notification: automatic task determination

             QQMA0007 PM notification: define default values on creation

             QQMA0008 PM notification: additional “Item” detail

             QQMA0009 PM notification: influence order parameters prior to notification creation

             QQMA0010 PM notification: additional “Cause” detail

             QQMA0011 PM notification: additional “Task” detail

             QQMA0012 PM notification: additional “Activity” detail

             QQMA0013 PM notification: default values for “Task” screen

             QQMA0014 PM notification: validitye checks during save

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