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You can use the operating system monitor to perform a performance check of the network connections to the various hosts in your network. This function is also available to you as transaction OS01. The SAP program PING is used for this purpose. It determines the time required to transfer a data packet across the network from its own system to a target system and is an enhancement of the standard UNIX command PING. This time is a good indicator of the network transfer capacity. It considers the physical network distance and the network technology in use. The PING command server provides the following information:
• Minimum transfer time for data packets
• Maximum transfer time for data packets
• Average transfer time for data packets
• Number of lost PING data packets

1. Execute transaction code OS01.

2. The system displays a table containing the number of active presentation servers (front ends), application servers, and database servers of the local system. Choose the category for which you want to check network performance by choosing the corresponding button.

3. Select the hosts for which you want to check the connection, and choose the button 1 x Ping or the button 10 x Ping to perform the check. The system displays the results of the connection check. To obtain the transfer times of the individual data packets, choose Detail.

Additional note:
• Use the 10 x Ping button to obtain better performance statistics. However, this command requires a longer execution time, particularly if you have selected a number of servers.


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