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To give some hint about antivirus protection of SAP systems


Recommendations about SAP system protection on Unix and Windows systems. This page is valid for both.

What to consider

  • It is a good idea to use a virus scanner to protect against computer viruses if you use SAP software, and, in general, SAP supports this.

  • SAP does not investigate, recommend or release any virus scan software within the SAP server product validation.
  • Hardware partners must only use systems on which no antivirus software is installed or active when they are determining the performance of systems on which SAP software runs.

See also SAP note 106267.  

Different levels of virus protections

  • Local protection
  • Database protection
  • SAP data transfer


  • Local protection
         Exclude /usr/sap* from scanning or define exception. Reason: due to scanning files may switch to read only or locked. Various side effects (I/O issues) are expected.
  • Database protection
         SAPDB/MaxDB/HANA: exclude on access scan for /<database> (e.g. /sapdb) and database specific folders.
         Other vendors (Oracle, IBM - DB2, MS SQL): please contact vendor for recommendations.
  • SAP data transfer
         The SAP Web Application Server has a virus scan interface that you can use to have data created or used by SAP software (or your own applications) checked for viruses.
         The interface itself consists of both an external interface for use with certified virus scan software vendors and an internal interface that you can use in your own developments.
         Refer to SAP note 1494278 for more information about SAP Virus Scan Interface (VSI).

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