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To help with troubleshooting.


Various issues occurs while working with profiles in RZ10 transaction. Steps to resolve these issues.


  • Profiles exist with both UPPERCASE and lowercase hostname at the end

  • Profiles exist with different hostname at the end


  • Parameter changes are not saved
  • Profile cannot be activated, for example following error message appears: 'Unknown error activating profile <profile name> '
  • SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC shortdump occurs during profile import


False or duplicate entries in TPFHT and TPFET tables. TPFHT: Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB, TPFET: Table of profile parameters

Possible resolution steps with examples

1. First of all delete and import the concerned profiles
    a. Choose the profile
    b. Delete all versions in the database - don't delete the profile file on operating system level!
    c. Import profiles 
    d. Check if the issue afterwards still persists. If yes -> see step 2 and 3 below

2. If support package level is lower than SAPKB70208, refer to SAP Note 1586925 - correction exists.
3. If release is not 702 or support package level is higher than SAPKB70208 , delete and recreate both TPFET and TPFHT tables via SE14 transaction and import the profiles. Refer to this SAP Help Portal document: The Database Utility



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