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You are trying to access NWA from a remote location and you are getting "403 forbidden" error as shown below:



In order to allow access to NWA from a remote location you have to modify the icm filter rules. Follow the procedure described below.



  1. Open the DEFAULT profile file which is located in "/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile", add the following line - 
    icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/,FILE=$(DIR_GLOBAL)/security/data/icm_filter_rules.txt and Save
  2. Open icm_filter_rules.txt file which is located under "/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/security/data"comment out all the lines below and Save: 
    1. #if %{REMOTE_ADDR} !stricmp [AND]
    2. #if %{REMOTE_ADDR} !stricmp ::1
    3. #RegIRedirectUrl ^/webdynpro/resources/*$ /<SID>/remote_access_error [QSA]
  3. Restart the JAVA AS
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