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Welcome to the ITsiti page! This page is created to share all the tips, tutorials and troubleshooting guides on the SAP Basis administration.
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Page: ABAP System Logs & Traces Page: AL08 - List of All Users Logged On Page: AL11 - SAP Directories Page: BRARCHIVE .lock.bra Failed Page: BTCAUX07 - SAP Check Active Job Page: Change SAPOSCOL Owner, Group & Permission in UNIX & Linux Page: Change SAP Standard User Password Page: Check SAP Transport History Page: Create CCMSPing Monitoring Pause Page: DB01 - Analyze Exclusive Lockwaits Page: DB02 - Database Performance Page: DB03 - Database Options, Active & History Parameters Page: DB12 - Backup Logs Overview Page: Delete SAP Spool Number Page: Delete SAP System Trace File in ST01 Page: Delete Spool Request in SP01 Page: Disable Multiple SAP Logons Page: Disable Transport All in STMS Import Page: Display SAP Roles Information & Details Page: Find Database Schema Page: Find SAP Object Requests & Tasks Page: Find SAP System Status & Kernel Information Page: Force Start SAPOSCOL in UNIX & Linux Page: Increase SAP ICM HTTP_TIMEOUT Runtime Page: Kick User Session in SAP Page: Lock & Unlock User in SAP System Page: Monitor SAP Spool Numbers Page: OAM1 - SAP ArchiveLink Monitor Page: OS03 - Parameter Changes in Operating System Page: Performing a SAPGUI LAN Check with PING Page: PFCG - SAP Role Maintainance Page: Procedure Before Stopping an SAP System – ABAP Stack Page: RSBDC_REORG - SAP Reorg Batch Input New Page: RSBTCDEL2 - SAP Reorg Jobs New Page: RSMO - Workbench Monitor Page: RSPO1041 - SAP Reorg Spool New Page: RSPO1043 - SAP Spool Consistency Check Page: RSTS0024 - SAP Reorg Orphaned Joblogs Page: RSTS0043 - SAP Reorg Orphaned Temse Files Page: RZ01 - Batch & Background Jobs Monitor Page: RZ03 - Application Server Overview Page: RZ04 - CCMS Maintain Operation Modes & Instances Page: RZ12 - RFC Server Group Maintenance Page: RZ15 - XMI Log Management Page: SAP Import Queue - Request Must Still Be Approved Status Page: SAP Kernel Upgrade Page: SAP Keyboard Shortcut Page: SAP License Installation Page: SAP Local Client Copy Page: SAP Transport Request Import Queue is Empty Page: SAP Transport Return Code Status Page: SARA - Archive Administration Page: SCC3 - Client Copy & Transport Log Analysis Page: Schedule SAP Standard Jobs Page: SE03 - Transport Organizer Tools Page: SE06 - Processing after Installation of CTO Page: SE10 - Transport Organizer Page: SE11 - ABAP Dictionary Page: Searching for specific content on ABAP servers Page: Send Message to a Specific User in SAP Page: Set SAP Trace Level of Information Page: SICK - SAP Initial Inconsistency Check Page: SM01 - Lock & Unlock Transaction Codes Page: SM02 - SAP System Messages Page: SM04 - User List Page: SM12 - Lock Concept Page: SM13 - Update Request Page: SM21 - System Logs Analysis Page: SM28 - SAP Initial Inconsistency Check Page: SM30 - Maintain Table Views Page: SM37 - Background & Batch Jobs Page: SM49 - External OS Commands Page: SM50 - Process Overview Page: SM51 - SAP Server Overview Page: SM58 - Transactional RFC Page: SM62 - Event Creation & Administration Page: SM65 - SAP Background Processing Analysis Page: SM66 - Global Work Process Overview Page: SMICM - ICM Monitor Page: SMLT - Language Management Page: SNAP NO NEW ENTRY Page: SPOV - Print Request Overview Page: SPRO - SAP Project Reference Object Page: ST01 - System Trace Page: ST04 - DB Performance Analysis Page: ST05 - Performance Analysis Page: ST11 - Display Trace Files Page: ST22 - ABAP Runtime Error Page: STAD - Business Transaction Analysis Page: Start & Stop SAPOSCOL in Unix & Linux Page: Start & Stop SAP System in UNIX, Linux OS Environment Page: STDR - Object Directory Consistency Check in SAP Page: SU56 - User Authorization Buffer Page: Switch Between SAP Application Servers Page: Table USR40 - Specifying Impermissible Passwords Page: Unlock & Reset SAP* Password in Oracle Page: Unlock SAP Request & Tasks Page: USMM - System Measurement Page: USR-SAP-SID is Getting Full, What Do i Do? Page: View SAP Locked User Page: What are Exclusive Lockwaits & Effect to the System? Page: What is ArchiveLink and features