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SAP Migrations on Cisco UCS

Companies who are thinking to do Major Upgrades/Data migrations Choosing the right hardware is always a key.

It always been a challenge to me when making any recommends to customers who plan to migrate data from one platform to another because the COST/STABILITY/BUSINESS CONTINUITY comes into picture.

Foremost things come into mind/Consider for a migration is stable hardware.

Some of the major benefits i have seen in UCS hardware.




4. Reduced TCO (compared to other hardware)

Approach taken to Migrate SAP ERP from one platform to another platform:

Irrespective of platform SAP has provided standard tools to migrate Data( Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Copy).



Decision Making:

For smaller databases its easy to follow the SAPINST instructions which invokes MIGRATION MONITOR automatically.

For Mid-Size databases depending on downtime/hardware capabilities SAPINST+MIG MONITOR or SAPINST+DISTRIBUTION MONITOR.

For Large-Size database SAPINST+DISTRIBUTION MONITOR(recommended).

Success story of SAP on UCS

Scientific Atlanta(A Cisco Company)  has performed several SAP upgrades since 1994. Last year when i have migrated a large Database to UCS hardware. Since then other instances are moving aggressively to UCS creating confidence to run stable environments.

Based on my experience in SAP migrations. Working on Cisco UCS hardware is as easy as working on any other today's stable Hardware in the market. I'm not endorsing any hardware here but this article is purely about my hands-on experience on UCS.

If you are considering Cisco UCS or any hardware with Linux:

Refer Notes:

  1. Note 1403020 - Linux: Certified Cisco Hardware
  2. Note 171356 - SAP software on Linux: Essential information
  3. Note 1597355 - Swap-space recommendation for Linux
  4. Note 1048303 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x: Installation and upgrade
  5. Note 1172419 - Linux: Supported Java versions on the x86_64 platform

Let me know if you need any additional information on SAP Installations/Upgrades/Migrations.


Created on:    30 Jul 2011
Author(s) Bio
Serving as a SAP Architect. Experienced in EAI and EAT systems like ERP, CRM ,SCM-SNC,PI,TDMS,Solution Manger and Netweaver Technologies. Involved in various full life-cycle implementations of SAP R/3 encompassing from Hardware sizing, Installations, Upgrades, Migrations,Performance tuning, Security planning, Application monitoring configurations, Golive check, Early watch and post Golive support.

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