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Steps for client copy using client export-import method



  1. System message: To keep the users informed about the client copy and unavailability of systems, please create a system message in SAP system (SM02).
  2. You must neither work in the source nor in the target client.

So, Lock Users: Only administrator user IDs should be active and all other SAP user IDs should be locked so that no user intervention can occur at the time of client copy in the source system (SU01).

  1. There must not be any background job running or in released status in the SAP system (SM37).
  2. Check for TMS configuration and ensure there are no updated errors in SM13 of source client.
  3. Make sure that there is enough space in target system table spaces and in Common Transport directory.
  4. To keep the User Master Records and Authorization Profiles same after client copy, take the export of SAP_USER profile.


  1. For performing a client copy we must check the size of the client and availability of space in the target system for copying that client.
  2. Authorization required to copy client, to export and import client as well as to perform the steps related to transport management system must be assigned to the SAP user performing the Sap client copy as per SAP recommendations.
  3. Source SAP system and Target SAP system should be same release.
  4. Transport tools like tp and R3trans should be working accurately in the SAP systems.
  5. No SAP users should be able to login to the source as well as target SAP system so that there is no inconsistency in the SAP system.


Log on to source system - source client and make sure that all above steps have been performed .Then go to tcode SCC8 for Export. Select a client profile according to data to be copied as a Transport request. Mention target system into which the client should be copied. Configure this as a background or dialogue process.

According to the client profile selected and the data available, maximum 3 transport requests will be created and automatically exported to target system mentioned. The requests are like

<sid>KO<No> - For cross client data

<sid>KT<No> - For client specific data

<sid>KX<No> - For client specific texts

Once above TRs got created, all of them automatically released and exported to a target system. This can be checked in SE01 or SCC3.


Log on to target system(client) and execute STMS tcode.

STMS > import overview > refresh the buffer to find exported requests →import Queue of target

Client  → start import.

In case 3 transport requests are created in export any one of the TR is started then the rest TRs also get imported in to target client automatically.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Shankar,

    Can i use TMS type Dev and Prod System ?

    DEV = My QAS System and 

    Pord = My Virtual System.


    Can we do like that ?

  2. Hey there,

    thanks for your post! Since I can still find it on Google when I look for client copy even though it is from 2013 I might add some information: Please do not forget to run SCC7 after importing the client.



  3. Hi Shankar, 

    Is it possible to to import export file into system which is not in landscape? 

    I mean, I have exported PRD client 300 with target system QAS client 400. Can i import this file into sandbox system where sid is SAN client 450. 

    If yes please let me know the procedure. If this is not possible, what would be the option. I preffered remote client copy where its throwing error "table indes missing". 

    Please suggest me the method to do client copy of PRD system to Sandbox.




  4. Were you able to find an answer for exporting client from PRD to SAND Box?


    did you use export or remote client copy?



  5. Former Member

    Hi All,

    We are doing a client refresh of ECC Quality client from Production using client export - import method. Our systems are using HANA database on Linux. The SAP_ALL export took about 11 hours and the resulting datafiles were approx. 170GB in size. The import into Quality client is running for 32 hours now. How much more time can be expected for the client import to finish? Is there a way we can fasten it up now?


    Dipyaman Biswas

  6. Former Member

    Hi Biswas,

    How big is your database ? if it's above 350 GB SAP recommends  system copy method. As you have already performed monitor the logs in usr\sap\trans directory .

    Implement the parameters in TRANSPORT TOOL as mentioned in the below link to performance optimize during import.