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Support Package Upgrade using SPAM:


1)Download the the required support packages from Service Market place. Copy the Downloaded Files in to Application server’s trans folder Path: /usr/sap/trans


2) Open command prompt in Application server-> navigate to trans folder and uncar the files using the command sapcar –xvf filename.sar; Now the files will be extracted and placed in /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in folder.


3) Go to SPAM tcode The initial screen gives an overview of the status of the last queue that was imported. If the SPAM Tool is not update to the latest version we have to update first the spam tool before upgrading SP.


4) Choose SupportPackages->Load Pakages->From Application Server. This will load the files from application server.


5)            Choose the option Yes, Now the file are loaded into the system and ready for upgrade.


6) Choose the Component that is to be upgraded. Choose the Highest level that is available in the Queue. Also go through the SNOTE specified and Choose OK to avoid the problems while upgrading support package component.


7) Choose Support Package-> Import Queue from Menu

8) choose in background : Now the Support package upgrade will start in the background

If any Errors During Objects_Locked_?  Phase Click on theQueue status Tab and analyse the locked Objects.

9)Once that is done Confirm the Queue by choosing the Menu Support package->Confirm Queue.

10) Check and Confirm the  Package level after the import has been completed successfully.






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