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To explain the timezone settings and help with understanding.


We'll check how the timezone settings in SAP / on OS level depend on each other.


Generally note that

  1. All systems should use the same time zone. That is, both the R/3 system and the operating system should use the same system time zone and the same daylight saving time rule. Therefore, using e.g. CET time zone on OS level (TZ environment variable of the corrresponding <sid>adm user or date command) and IST for 'System Time Zone' on SAP level (tr. STZAC) is not allowed.
  2. System Time Zone of SAP must be the same in every client (i.e.: in client 000 the same as in client 001 or 100 and so on)

This is correct:


Timezone CET on OS level

System Time Zone CET on SAP level


Timezone UTC+2 on OS level

systeminfo | find /I "time zone"

System Time Zone ISRAEL (corresponds to UTC+2) on SAP level:

Note, that the UTC timer ('Universal Time Coordinated UTC') must not be changed. The UTC timer counts the seconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00, Greenwich Mean Time. With a correct setting, it contains the same value at the same time in all hosts, regardless of their location.

OS level



wmic path win32_utctime

Compare the outcome to

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