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Tips and Tricks

This space is forthose bits of information that can save you a lot of time and troubleand usually are hard to find in the documentation.

  1. Problems with username/passwords while setting JCO's?... try with the password in UPPERCASE.
  2. Going home in a hurry?, use transaction /nex to close all your sessions at the same time in specific application server you are logged-in.
  3. In an R/3 screen, use %pc to download any TCode full page in any format you want.(.htm, .txt etc). Also use TCode /nSO21 to specify the default download location (this is very useful as saving all files to the sapworkdir can be little annoying at times)
  4. Show Work Process usage over time by running SM50 -> List -> CPU. This shows CPU usage in minutes since startup. If all of your DIA WP's show time, then consider adding more.
  5. If you want to select text on your SAP screen and if you are not able to do it. use Ctrl+Y and then you can select text. 
  6. To acces history of Tcodes used, click on the Tcode command field and use UP and DOWN arrow keys.
  7. To display the checked object when not authorized call transaction SU53. It reports the last objects verified and also the respective values. Incase missing authorization through pop-up then close it (click cross mark) instead of continue it. Then run SU53 immediately either in same session (/nSU53) or in new session (/oSU53).
  8. Use ctrl+? to go to the tcode command field on SAP screen.
  9. Enter /i on tcode field to delete the current session.
  10. Enter /nend to cancel all SAP sessions and log off.
  11. Use ALT+F+W and ALT+F+U in SAP Easy Access Screen to download and upload the user favourites within/across systems.
  12. Check the child page added to this page for a handy way to open sap notes from SAP OSS Portal.
  13. To send a SAP messge to an other person use Function Module TH_POPUP from transactino SE37.
  14. Ctrl & + to open new SAP session
  15. ctrl+shift+F8  System Administration information.
  16. ctrl+shift+F8 Manul entery of Transation Code.
  17. ctrl+shift+F5 Create folder in Favorite list.
  18. ctrl+shift+F7  Add additional object
  19. ctrl+shift+F12  Direct go to Role maintenance
  20. Change application server in SM51 by double clicking on application server you want to get in.
  21. Note 757964 - Additional information in the SAP GUI window title a must, if you have several systems open at the same time
  22. Note 205487 - Own text on SAPGui logon screen very usefull for messages like "(at)1D(at) Do not login, ..." or "Last clientcopy was on ..."
    Substitute (at) with "at"-char
  23. ALT + F12              Calls the menu pop up for Customizing of local layout
  24. CTRL + Shift + P   Makes a Hard copy which shows no menu pop up and can also contain status texts and modal pop ups
  25. CTRL + /                Cursor jumps directly to the OK-Code field
  26. CTRL + I                Cursor jumps to the first focusable field or control
  27. CTRL + ;                Creates Sap shortcut
  28. To change transport job class to "A": Run report RDDNEWPP from transaction SE38 in the client 000.
  29. multiple logons on AS ABAP system are stored in table: USR41_MLD

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  1. Unknown User (102j9rape)

    press ctls+ to open new session.