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  • Hello all,
  • An extra tip to ensure smooth running of sap systems:
  • Usually end users accesing sap system complaints even when ram size is prefect
  • So in that case have a look at your network bandwidth requirements before moving sap system to live:
  • As the number of end users increases the bandwidth req also increases calculated by the below formula:
  • C = X*N*D*0.25
  • where C = bandwidth in kbps needed for the sapgui,
  •             x=amount of data per dialog step in kb
  •             n = Number of active users
  •             D = Average no of dialog steps per minute per user
  • .25 =numerical factor(include conversion, some safety factors)
  • eg:  C= 5*25*3*0.25
  •         C=93.5 approx 100kbs bandwidth needed for fast response
  • Hope this helps !!! if any such things you find keep posting will be helpful for all
  • thank you
  • alen
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  1. Hello Alen,

    Nice blog.... Please let me know Where do we get value for x=amount of data per dialog step in kb  from?



  2. Hello Summit,

    Check in ST03n transaction.

    Thank you