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you want to update the trex server to maintain the minimal requirement requirement in the system landscape version level or you want new functionality functionality given in the new Trex server  you need to update this standalone engine .
Update of the standalone engine would require a patch implementation through export import indexes technology where we need to uninstall the older trex update and reinstall reintall the new one.Here we are going to use a Python script the python scirpt for export and import of the indexes .

About TREX

Search and Classification TREX works woks on a client/server technology tchnology . The client component is mapped with the TREX application which uses Trex functionality functiaonality and allow communication with TREX server . We have 2 client configuration define as JAVA Client and ABAP Client . These are mapped with RFC server to exchange and keep the data in the server in form of indexes .TREX supports structured data search not only for document metadata but also for mass business data and data in SAP business objects. Indexes for structured data are implemented compactly using data compression and the data can be aggregated in linear time, to enable large volumes of data to be processed entirely in memory.
Recent developments include:
A join engine to join structured data from different fields in business objects
A fast update capability to write a delta index beside a main index and to merge them offline while a second delta index takes updates
A data mining feature pack for advanced mathematical analysis


Steps to TREX Update

1. Downloading the Package :

Go to Service market Place --> Browse our download Catalogue

>SAP NetWeaver and complementary product
>SAP NetWeaver
>Entry by Component
>Search and Classif. (TREX)

Here you do need to down load the current version and the target version of the patch version .

In order to chcek the current version of the Trex server Kindly check in <TREX_DIR>/exe/doc/TREXVersion.html

2.The Target material :

You can check the target material from

For details of the download and update procedure see the Support
Packages Stack guide:
  > Installation and Upgrade Guides
  > SAP NetWeaver
  > SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)
  > Maintenance
  > look for the most current NW SPS guide
  > see section Search and Classification TREX in this guide for the TREX 7.0 update procedure

Upgrade Step By Step Process


a. Login to the Trex Server and take the whole backup of /usr/sap/<SID>  at a different file location .

b.Go to directory /usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<nr>/

c. Start

d. Go to Landscape ---> RFC to take the screen shot of all the existing RFC ommunication in order to re create them after update as they are going to be delted .

e. In order to take the back up of indexes we nee to run the python script . .
Go to directory /usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<nr>/exe/python_support
Kindly run the below python script :
python  "--IndexId=* "  --exportPath=<Remote Path Location with empty directory >

Note : Please do keep it some where outside /usr/sap/<SID>  as the whole directory is going to delete and this directory consist of all the queue and indexes .
All the logs of the run python script can be check in the same export path with name exportStatus.log

Uninstallation of the current Trex server .

f. Login as root user .
g. Uncar the downloaded .SAR file with command SAPCAR -xvf xxxxx.SAR .
h. Go to <Uncar direcetory> /im_sapinst_standalone_trex/IM_<OS VERSION> .
i. set the enviorment of JAVA_HOME,SAPINST_JRE_HOME,PATH variables .
j . Run the command ./sapinst .
k . Drop down SAPNetweaver 7.0 Trex and Search Classification-- >Installation Service for trex Instance -->Trex Instance Removal .--->Choose Next

L . SAP System parameter . Check the box . profile are present and provide the path of profile directory .

m. Then it will show you the instance to uninstall . Please choose the correct instance there .

n. Then a new screen will appear with all the input . Please do recheck the input and then press "START" .

k . The tool will start and uninstall the source TREX system from the server .

Installation of the target Trex server

a. Login as root user .
b. Uncar the downloaded target  .SAR file with command SAPCAR -xvf xxxxx.SAR.
c. Go to <Uncar direcetory> /im_sapinst_standalone_trex/IM_<OS VERSION> .
d. Set the JAVA_HOME,PATH,DISPLAY variable .
e. Star the tool with command ./sapinst


f. Drop down SAPNetweaver 7.1 Trex and Search Classification-- >Installation Service for trex Instance -->Install a Trex System.--->Choose Next.

g. In the next screen please provide the same SID as it was there before and the same Instance Number .

h. It will shows you a error that <SID>ADM user does not exist . Just press OK to proceed .

i. It will shows you all the parameter list .Just press "START" .

j. After that the tool will Start and install the newest version of trex on the server .

Importing the backed up Indexes in the new trex system .

  1. Go to directory /usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<nr>/exe/python_support .
  2. Run the command : python  "--IndexId=* "  --importPath=<Remote Path Location where the export part was taken > .
  3. After this please start the Trex server with startsap command here .

Post Installation Steps :

  1. Start .
  2. Go to Landscape --> Connection
  3. Please do maintain the connection to R3 system and Protal system the same way it was done before


The Upgrade to Trex server is now complete .








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