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Connectivity kits support the integration of customer IT systems and SAP products using enterprise services in the context of an end-to-end business scenario as pre-defined by the business process expert. Because the business scenario drives the approach to integration between customer IT systems and SAP products, connectivity kits are based on integration scenarios. The natural starting point in determining and implementing the integration scenario is, therefore, generally the SAP industry solution map. In other words, depending upon the contextual conditions and requirements of the customer, the industry solution map helps guide the business process expert to integration scenarios that offer different levels of intensity of integration.

In short, connectivity kits provide customers with all the necessary information to achieve end-to-end business scenario integration. Thus they support intra- as well as inter-company communication.

Connectivity kits are designed as a complete 'How-To' guide with hyperlinks to depending task-oriented information needed to actually implement an integration scenario.

The following connectivity kits for integration scenarios are available:

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  1. Former Member

    Hi there,

    in the child pages appear two entries which seem to be related to POS Integration, namely "Connectivity Kit for Integration Scenario POS Integration" and "Exchange Infrastructure - SAP POS Integration". Seems like the second one is outdated, but it's still confusing. Perhaps would be nice to mark which one is the current one or to which version each one applies.