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This page will give a brief introduction to BPC on HANA


There has been hype and information regarding BPC powered by SAP HANA. This page will hopefully shed some light on this new and exciting direction for BPC. In order to get BPC on HANA, there obviously needs to be certain prerequisites in place. It is hoped that this will give people and customers some insight into how to plan, implement and deploy SAP BPC powered by SAP HANA.   


SAP BPC on HANA introduced a new ABAP software component called HANABPC to serve as an accelerator for BPC on ORANGE (Code name for BW on HANA) 

Because a supplementary SC (software component) for BPC has been created there is no need to install for customer on non-HANA database
It will re-implement some BPC logic/functions which can be accelerated by HANA, a driver/connector pattern is used for the implementation, so implementation will be registered during installation 

Installation Requirements

Please see the Implementation guidelines wiki page for further information regarding the installation requirements for BPC on HANA

BPC on HANA - Implementation Guidelines

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