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This page will list the current known limitations or current restrictions present with BPC on HANA 


BPC on HANA currently has the following limitations:

BPC 10NW SP06 includes a query enhancement improving data access times, especially in larger queries. This will provide the most value to our customers with very large reports.

But It is important to note that not all reports can take advantage of this enhancement in SP06.  Currently, reports including any of the following will continue to use the standard query mechanism:

  • Dimension Member Formulas
  • Custom Measure Formulas
  • YTD Applications
  • Allocations ( Currently the allocations are still being performed on the application server, and have not been pushed down to the HANA database server for execution)

Coming attractions:

SP8 – Special Caching Mechanism for Report Meta Data
This planned enhancement will further improve BPC Read time by implementing a special “Meta Data” caching mechanism for Reports that are used often (NOTE: Transaction Data is not cached)
SP9 – Parallel Data Manager Loading
This planned enhancement will allow you to run Specific Data Manager packages in Parallel – greatly improving the run time of long running and large data loads from Data Manager.
SP9 – Improved use of HANA MDX Engine
This planned enhancement depends on HANA MDX functionality and will be added to the HANABPC Component Code line when available.

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  1. SP11 has been released now. HANA can accelerate BPC dramatically. Really amazing.