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The purpose of this page is to show how to create a Planning-Enabled DSO.



In this page, we will show how to create a Planning-Enabled DSO.

Create a Planning-Enabled DSO

To create a DSO:

  1. Go to Transaction RSA1,
  2. Right-click on an InfoArea,
  3. choose Create DSO.
  4. Input a name and description, and use a template (here, tbw370s00) if you want to copy in a set of InfoObjects (see Figure below).

After choosing Create, you can change the DataStore type (use the pencil icon) to Direct Update and check the box next to Planning Mode to make it plannable.

Note: These settings can’t be changed after there is data in the DSO.

  • As shown in the below Figure, move all characteristic into the Key fields folder, which is required to make it plannable.


  • If ever you need to expose the DSO data via an analytic view in SAP HANA, just check the box next to External SAP HANA View for reporting.
  • The package in SAP HANA where the view is generated is set up in Transaction SPRO, and the SAP BW analysis authorizations are automatically created in the SAP HANA privileges.
  • When the DSO is activated, the system creates an active table that will be used to store the data (i.e., direct update DSOs don’t have three tables like standard DSOs do, and planning-enabled DSOs can’t be loaded via SAP BW ETL).
  • In Transaction RSPLAN, you can use the characteristic relationships, data slices, and central settings (i.e., run planning sequences as data is saved) for planningenabled DSOs.










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