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This wiki page is regarding the language used in Data Manager Packages of EPM BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation for NetWeaver.


Many parts of the SAP Products are supposed to be multi-language by design.

Users are able to logon to the system and select preferred language to work, considering the languages previously installed by responsible team (English language is always installed by default).

English language in DM Packages

This behaviour is by design as per the SAP Development team.

The package instructions are hard-coded in English and no translations are available.

The packages can be maintained in another language by modifying the package scripts, however this does not provide multiple languages support.

For example, if the package is maintained in Portuguese, it will be seen in Portuguese even if another user logs in and selects a different language.

In order to maintain the language, please refer to the related content.

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SAP Note 1619892: Data Manager Packages (DM Packages) language BPC NW.