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To describe the log files available for the EPM Add-in for Excel.


To understand and troubleshoot an issue arisen during the EPM Add-in use, beside a default log file available in the EPM add-in, further logs can be enabled and configured.

EPM add-in log

To view the log, select EPM > More > Log:

Only the lastest 100 lines of the log files are displayed in this screen:

Further logs available in Windows Explorer:

The all log lines can be consulted directly in the file Log.glf located in the user temp directory on the local client machine. 

In the Windows explorer, enter: %temp%/log.

Besides the Log.glf file, we find the following logs:

- Trace.glf: This log is intended for the EPM Add-in developpment. It contains the same information as the Log.glf file but with all the functions called by the code. Thus, it's not easy to   read but can be really useful for the developpers to narrow down an issue.

- Migration.glf: This file contains the information related to the EVDRE migrations

- PerfTrace.glf: Used to trace the execution times of important features of the add-in (Execution, Formating, Writing,...). That helps to identify a bottleneck around the performances according to the server response.

- LogPerf.glf: This file contains only high-level information.

By default, the logging level is set to "ERROR" for the files Log.glf and Trace.glf. The PerfTrace.glf and LogPerf.glf are configured with the level "ALL".  

This default log tracing can be modified through the xml file "FPMXLClient.dll-ExcelLogConfig.xml" located in EPM Add-in installation directory: 

Here are the other possible logging levels : INFO, VERBOSE and DEBUG.

- INFO: Provides with information on the user, server to reach, etc...

- VERBOSE: Traces information on the time spent by task.

- DEBUG: Is useful within the PerfTrace.glf file from SP12 and patch 02 of EPM Add-in. That will record the TOTAL TIME of execution and the SERVER TIME to execute. Thus the CLIENT TIME can be deduced by subtracting the server time from the total. This will produce statistics for the performance of functions across tiers of the architecture.

Note: The VERBOSE level could impact the performance (specially for the loggers "LOG" and "TRACE") as all the actions will be written in the files. 

Typically used in order to get further information around an issue that is easily reproduced. Once the information tracked, don't forget to switch back the logging levels.  

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