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EPM Add-in - creating a local connection to BPC NW

This Wiki explains how to set up a local connection in EPM add-in to a BPC 10 NW server (using the SAP BW OLE DB provider)
Local connections are .oqy files. These connections can be stored on your machine or another machine
on the network.


  1. In BPC admin, for the model you want to connect to, tick the parameter “Use as source of data

2. On the BW server, this will create a “virtual provider” with the same name followed by _B

3. On the system entry properties (of the BW server), note the application server and instance number

4. On the BW connection screen, note the client number and language 

Setup local connection

  1. Setup a local connection, use the 'SAP BW OLE Provider" and click 'connect'

2. From the pre-requisites (steps 3 & 4) enter all relevant details 

3. Enter a valid user and password

4. You should now see the InfoProviders, select the virtual provider (see step 2 of the pre-requisites)

5. The system will have created the local connection

6. Save the .oqy file to an appropriate folder, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\odbc\data sources

7. Make sure to show 'local connection' in the EPM add-in connection screen, so the connection can be re-used.

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