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This article intends to help BPC users manage the versions of the EPM Add-in client.


BPC 10 for SP NetWeaver uses the EPM Add-in Client as a front-end to users.

The EPM add-in enables users to analyze data from several EPM solutions at the same time. It was introduced in BPC 10 as an Add-in for Excel, PowerPoint and Word, replacing the old BPC only Add-in used in BPC 7.5 and 5.0.

 BPC 10 for SAP NetWeaver users must have installed the EPM Add-in client. This client can be installed stand-alone or downloaded from the BPC Web page. It can also be updated inside Excel.

This wiki covers the steps for users to install the EPM Add-in Client, update, remove and launch it.


The EPM Add-in client:

The EPM Add-in Client is an Add-in for Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

User installation of EPM Add-in Client:

In order for the user to install the client for the first time, or in an environment where it was removed, the user has to log in to the BPC Web page and click on Install EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office under the Launch panel.

Another window will pop up asking for the user to download the EPM Add-in Client Installer.

User will be prompted to run or save the file.


After running the file, directly from the web page or saving it and running it, the EPM Add-in Client installer will start.

The user can also save the file and run it in different machines, without having to log in and download again from the BPC Web page.


User updating of EPM Add-in Client:

To update the EPM Add-in client version installed, the user has to log in one of the EPM Add-in installation instances, e.g. in Microsoft Excel. There are 3 ways the client will be available to the user: Force update, Auto update and User update. In Force and Auto update modes, the user will be prompted to download. That is, if the version of EPM Add-in Client the user has installed is older than the current version set in NetWeaver, and the update version is Force or Auto, the user will be prompted to update the client.

To check for updates manually, the user has to log in the EPM Add-in in Excel, click on the EPM ribbon, click in Help->About->Check for Updates.
If the user agrees the client will be downloaded in the instance the user is connected.

After download is completed user will be prompted to close the instance to install the client

The EPM Add-in Client uses internet explorer, it should be closed in order to complete the installation.

All instances of EPM Add-in should be closed to continue the update

Please note that:

User might have windows security blocking the EPM Add-in Client installer from running. To solve this issue refer to SAP Note 1701468 - Not able to install EPM 10 Add-in, getting warning: Windows has found a problem with this file.

User uninstalling EPM Add-in Client:

The user can uninstall the client, it is the normal process of a windows program uninstall.

Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel and select the EPM Add-in Client from the list.

How to launch the EPM Add-in client:

Log into the BPC 10 Web page and inside the Launch panel click in one of the EPM Add-in options:

Or open Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint or Word, select the EPM ribbon and click on the Log On button.

When logging from the Web Page, no login will be asked later.

Related Content:

Please refer to the following SAP Notes for more information:

1723688 - EPM Add-in client shows error message when installing "Error reading setup initialization file" . The EPM Add-in install does not work.
1701468 - Not able to install EPM 10 Add-in, getting warning: Windows has found a problem with this file

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  1. Former Member

    Just for clarification - will the version of the EPM Add-in via either 'Check for Updates' or the BPC Web link download and install the latest version that is released in the SAP Marketplace or is there a way to upload the version you wish to release to users onto the BW Server?

    I hope that it is the second option as otherwise version management and releases to users will be very confusing. If you can upload to server, please could you link to a document / detail how this is completed? Thanks!