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This Wiki will give you an overview regarding how EPM Add-in options are saved in client machine.


Configure default User Options and also Sheet Options for several users could be a complicated procedure, it will explain how does the settings are saved.

Where are the EPM Add-in Options stored?

Where are the settings in Sheet Options and User Options stored in EPMClientPreference.xml file. Which contains all information loaded by EPM Add-in during startup. This file is located at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EPMOfficeClient. 

This XML file contains all information loaded by EPM client during startup, such as Connections, Current View for each connection, Data Source folders, SMTP Configuration, Dialog Sizes, Default Sheet Options, WPF Dialog Sizes, and more.

How do I change this?

On this file each XML Tag corresponds to some important configuration in EPM Client, for example the tag </ForceSymetricQueryWhenNecessary> corresponds to this option in EPM User Options:

Changing the flag to True will make the option being checked after restart client.
Use this option carefully, this information should be used by network administrators for large deploys, if some options are mischanged it can cause malfunctions in EPM Add-in Client.

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  1.  What should be the basic setting to be done in this?

    that are important and are always necessary to be like that

  2. Former Member

    Hi Marcos.

    When I make changes to the options in the xml file, it passes through nicely to the User Options in EPM. After I have saved and closed the xml file, the changes aren't there any more. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

    Kind regards, Martin.