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This Wiki explains the member cache in the EPM Office add-in


Dimension member cache

In order to speed up the connection, the EPM add-in will store the dimension data in a local cache.

The cache is stored in the user directory “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\EPMOfficeClient\Metadata”
In this folder, you will see a sub-folder (name = encrypted value) hierarchy, and some data files for dimension members and  member properties.




At initial connection, in order to get  the dimension members, the add-in calls a specific web service on the application resource (note: this example uses BPC-NW)
For example, for env=EXCAL_APSHELL and model =PLANNING, there will be the following http request:



Note: in order to specify the data language, the following header in each request is sent to the server:
Accept-Language: en
( or es, fr, or any other language, depending on the specified data language in the user preferences)




Use of 'version'

If the EPM add-In cache is not empty, the system will send within the request the list of dimensions we have in the cache, including the dimension version.

Note: the file DimensionsVersionV3.xml holds the latest ‘version’ numbers for each dimension on the client



If a new member has been created, the dimension version number has been incremented on the server, and the server will therefore return all the members for this dimension.
Nothing will be returned for all the other dimension which version has not changed, and then the cache will be used.


Looking at the response from the server (taken from Fiddler), you can see the VERSION being returned (together wi

STAGING_SKU  Staging SKU        HCOUNT=0         PCOUNT=25       MCOUNT=64     DIMTYPE=U31   ISMEASURE=N                VERSION=1.147                WORKSTATUS=0              WORKSTATUSHIERARCHY=          DEFAULTHIERARCHY=                DEFAULTMEMBER=        DEFAULTINPUTHIERARCHY=       DEFAULTINPUTMEMBER=
CALC      Calc member flag


Clearing cache

The option "clear meta-data cache" simply deletes the all the cache files on the client. This forces the server to re-send ALL dimension data at the next connection.


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