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As you might know already, before BPC 10.1 SP05, the control is designed to validate the data before the consolidation process, which means normally it only works for the untranslated transaction data with Currency = Local Currency.

Although there’s an attribute to bypass local currency in Entity dimension, it is still a special treatment, which can’t meet the requirement to validate both un-translated and translated data for a single entity.

In SP05, a new feature is delivered to support the validation for both translated and consolidated data.

1, A new setting in Control rule definition

User now can decide the execution level for each control rule.

  - Loaded Data means untranslated data, with CURRENCY = LC.  (*)

  - Translated Data means data with CURRENCY = USD/EUR/etc, and GROUP = G_NONE. (**)

  - Consolidated Data means data with CURRENCY = USD/EUR/etc, and GROUP = CG1/CG2/etc

2, Execution level with Group/Currency combination

3,Control Monitor

A new drop-down list is added in the control monitor.

User can use this drop-down list to trigger control on different levels, and display the corresponding control result.

4,Currency dimension member

For translated and consolidated data, the target currency is derived from the group dimension member. The value in attribute ‘GROUP_CURRENCY’ in Group dimension will be used.

If there are multiple group currencies for a group member, all currencies will be used. And the result for different currency will be displayed separately in the control result.


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