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Financial Consolidation - troubleshooting the Webservices


This Wiki will explains how to troubleshoot BFC webservices


The BFC webservices  are used by Extended Analytics and Financial Information Management

1) First, determine what URL is being used

For EA, this is on the CMC (EA Connections)


For FIM, it is the URL defined in the Datastore:


2) Test the Webservices

Open IIS, and browse to the AuthenticationServices.asmx (in Security folder)


You should get this page:


If you do not get this page (but for example a HTTP 501 error), the problem is at IIS level (and not BFC application)

Most likely, the application pool that is used, is not running (due to perhaps an incorrect user in the indentity, expired password of that user, user not being part of IIS_WPG group)

3) Determine the physical path of the Webservices

Open IIS, and check the properties of the WS website


4) In Explorer, open this folder

Locate the file 'web.config' and open this file (with Notepad)

The 4 parameters we are interested in are:

- Broker --> name of the server that hosts the CtBroker of BFC

- Datasource --> name of the datasource that the WS are linked to

- User --> login of BFC user

- Pwd --> password of this user


 5) Check the datasource

--> a non running datasource will ALWAYS result in an error of the WS, so make sure the datasource has been started


6) Check the login

With the User and password from the web.config file, login to BFC


--> if this does not work, that is the cause of the WS failing



In general, there are 3 possibilities

- the user does not exist or is not active

- password is incorrect/expired

- if the user is externally authenticated , the BOE may be down


7) BOE used

Make sure that the BOE used by FIM is the same as the one used by BFC

If these 2 do not match, you will see 'token' issues (e.g. Invalid token)


8) Redeploy WS

If all previous tests are correct, but you still have an error, try re-deploying the WS

This procedure is explained in the Installation Guide


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