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The purpose of this page is to show how to configure the link between SAP Financial Consolidation and SAP Disclosure Management


This feature was introduced in the SAP Financial Consolidation 10.0 SP 10

Activating access to SAP Disclosure Management

Before you can activate acces to SAP Disclosure Management, the corresponding functional profile right must be enabled in the Security module. You can send Financial Consolidation data, formatted into report bundles, to SAP Disclosure Management via a report bundles task in the Task List module.

To do so, you must perform the following steps in Financial Consolidation:

  1. In BOFC, create a user with access to rights "Manage Disclosure Management options and mappings"
  2. In the Desktop, select Tools > General Options. The "General Options" dialog box appears.
  3. Select the External Links tab.
  4. Select the checkbox Enable Disclosure Management.
  5. In the Server URL field, enter the SAP Disclosure Management server URL 

    Use the root part of the URL, for example, http://DMSERVER:PORT/DM_path_for_public_API. 


  6. Enter a valid Disclosure Management user name and password.
  7. Click Check URL to validate the URL.
  8. To send the data in compressed form, select the checkbox Enable HTTP request compression. insert BOFC image
  9. Click OK to save the configuration and exit the "General options" dialog box.

Define a Report Bundle and Run Report bundleTask

  1. Navigate to Report Navigator
  2. Create a new Report Bundle - add the reports you want to push to Disclosure Management to the bundle
  3. In the General variables tab of a report select set variables
  4. Navigate to Task List
  5. Create a new "Run Report bundle" task (ensure it is set to Active)
  6. In the definition tab, select the report bundle created in step step 5
  7. Before the Mappings can be completed, the following needs to be configured in SAP Disclosure Management
    1. Create a report with Type as DataCache
    2. Add a standard Chapter with content type "Microsoft Excel"
    3. Start the workflow
  8. Click on the Define mapping button and Enter the SAP Disclosure Management Mappings
  9. Click on the Blue arrow for each DM Formula to confirm the status
  10. In the Task Lisk, select the Report Bundle task and start the task
  11. Once the task is completed check the  Log to ensure it has completed successfully
  12. In Disclosure Management, Navigate to the Report/Chapter, in the Details section the last modified date and user is available. Also inthe Comment: The BOFC system Information is available
  13. In the Disclosure Management, Navigate to Monitoring --> Task Monitor, the processing status can be obtained
  14. Click on View or Edit and the imported data should be available

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