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How to change the default location for saving EPM add-in reports.


The default save location for EPM add-in reports can be changed on the user level.  Each user can have a different default location.

Preferences file

The default save location is listed in EPMXLClientPreference.XML which can be found in  X:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\EPMOfficeClient.

To change this location from within the add-in, go through the following:

1. In the Excel ribbon, click Options | User Options.

2. Click the Server Configuration tab and click the ellipse button next to Default Folder for Local Open/Save.

3. Browse to the folder location and click OK.  The selected folder will now be listed.

To change this location without launching the add-in, go through the following:

1. Make a copy of EPMXLClientPreference.XML.  In Windows 7, the default location for this file is X:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\EPMOfficeClient.

2. Edit EPMXLClientPreference.XML.

3. At the bottom of the file, find the following line:

4. Put in an extra line below this and use the following:

For example, if the path should be C:\Temp, the two lines would look like this:



5. Once the changes have been saved, if the add-in is open, log out and log back in to see the changes.

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