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In Strategy Management PAS Administrator on a Windows OS, measure names in Cyrillic are displayed incorrectly when PAS application server is installed on a Linux/Unix OS: the characters in Cyrillic appear garbled even if the correct language settings have been defined in Windows Control Panel. Measure names are displayed like hieroglyphs or question marks.
In the Strategy Management User interface, Administrator, BIConnector and in the Cube Builder menus the same measure names are correctly input and displayed.


 The character set values are defined based on the system on which PAS Application Server is running and the default for Linux/Unix is UTF8. If the settings on the Linux/Unix server where PAS is installed are correct, everything is stored correctly in the Strategy Management database and in the PAS model itself. For Windows OS, the correct character set value to display Cyrillic characters is WINDOWS1251.
If the PAS binary model itself was incorrect, then Russian measure names would not display properly in the Strategy Management application interfaces (like BIConnector).
Once the PAS model has been created using the correct character set, the garbled names in the PAS Administrator are purely a display issue which is caused by the different character sets in use on server and on client: PAS Administrator client simply does an incorrect character set conversion for the display.

Step 1: check the current character set values

Launch the PAS Administrator interface, and issue the command:

A list of settings is returned, similar to the following:
System> exhibit charset
Internal Charset: UTF8
Input Charset: ASCII
Output Charset: ASCII
External Input Charset: ASCII
External Output Charset: ASCII
Session Charset: ASCII

Step 2: set the appropriate character set values

Issue in PAS Administrator client the manual command:

After this, the Russian characters display correctly.

This change is valid for the session and needs to be repeated at the next login to PAS Administrator client.


Manually setting the OUTPUT character set (and to the INPUT too, if new information with Cyrillic characters is manually entered during the session) is the correct action to do with PAS Administrator client on Windows in this case.
There is no option to define these character sets automatically, for example with an AUTOUSE procedure, because the setting would be done at general level and WINDOWS1251 setting is incorrect when PAS is not run interactively but through PIP.

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