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The purpose of this Wiki is to demonstrate how to gather performance statistics using UJSTAT.


It is required to analyze performance issues in BPC. Please notice that this wiki provides information how to gather and analyze statistics at the back-end (ABAP tier).

Gather performance statistics

Before all, some paramaters should be maintained in BPC Web Administration:

  1.  Log on to BPC Web and go to Administration
  2. Click Set Application Parameters and make sure BPC_STATISTICS parameter is set to ON. Click Update.

  3. Perform the action in BPC client (e.g. refresh a report/input schedule or save/post a journal).

  4. Log on to the back-end and start UJSTAT transaction.
  5. Provide the details you want to see the statistics for, like User ID, Start and End date and Time, Application Set and Application names, Action ID, click Execute.

  6. Expand the statistics and see how much time each action has taken (e.g. on the screenshot below it is seen that MDX data was extracted in 0.76 sec, meanwhile the total time of execution of the report at the back-end has taken 1.6 sec.).

  7. Please keep in mind that it is not recommended to keep the statistics on, since gathering statistics is considered to be a resource intensive operation and may influence on performance itself. Therefore, do not forget to set BPC_STATISTICS parameter to OFF when finished. Click Update.



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