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The purpose of this page is to describe how to get and test MDX statement from RSTT trace with BPC NW 7.X applications and BPC NW 10.0 / BPC 10.1 Standard models


It is required to obtain an MDX statement to help troubleshoot and analyse BPC reports or input schedules and sometimes there is no MDX statement recorded in the SLG1 transaction so this WIKI article will describe how to get and test MDX statement from an RSTT trace.

How to get MDX statement from RSTT trace

  1. Start BPC Excel client.
  2. Open the report you want to catch the MDX statement for.
  3. Logon to the back-end system.
  4. Start RSTT transaction. Please notice that the use who starts the transaction must have appropriate authorization S_RS_RSTT.
  5. On User Activation screen provide the user who behaves as system administrator for BPC to Trace User field (in my case it is   BPC_SYSADMIN as shown below).
    Please note the following 3 point:
    - you can see what user is assigned in BPC Server Manager.

    - if external debugging is setup, the user will be different

    - It is used NetWeaver authentication in BPC 10, therefore you should use the user you are logged on with to BPC Excel client.
  6. Click Activate and make sure the user has been added to the table below.

  7. Run Refresh Workbook in BPC Excel. If you do not see any trace id in step 9 please go back here and run Expand all.

  8. When the report is refreshed, click Deactivate to deactivate the user in RSTT transaction.

  9. Select Trace Collection option from the left pane, provide the user and click Display. If you do not see any trace id here please go back to step 9 and run Expand all option.

  10. Double click on the log.
  11. Copy the Trace ID to a buffer (e.g. notepad). In my case the ID is BWD/000007.
  12. Start transaction SE38 and provide the following report name RSR_MDX_RSTT_TRACE_EXTRACT (for more information please see the Note 1406664 - MDX: Extracting MDX commands from RSTT traces). Click Execute (F8).

  13. Provide the ID of the trace and click execute to see the MDX statement.

  14. It is possible to save the MDX statement directly to the MDXTEST transaction from the report. Check P_WRITE option and provide an ID for the MDX statement (e.g. current date).

How to test MDX statement

  1. Start MDXTEST transaction, provide the ID and click the button as shown below.

  2. Copy/Paste the MDX statement from 14. then run the MDX statement.
  3. See the result.

  4. If there is an error during execution please make a search of existing notes on service market place by the error short text or code.


Related SAP Notes/KBAs


SAP KBA 1406664: MDX: Extracting MDX commands from RSTT traces.