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The purpose of this page is to explain how to implement a Master Data Validation in BPC NW.


The master data validation concept is to prevent you from saving and loading incorrect combinations of dimension members. The configuration for validations is performed via transaction UJ_VALIDATION in your backend system. The configuration is environment-specific.


  1. Navigate to the backend system, enter transaction UJ_VALIDATION in the command field and then press "Enter"

  2. Enter your environment

  3. Click the "Assign Driver Dimension" button and Select Account as an example

  4. Click "Driver Dimension Settings". Then click "BACK".

  5. Then click the "Rule Maintenance" button

  6. Here, double-click the desired dimension and then press "Continue".

  7. The next step is to click "Create Rule". In the "Rule Description" section, type "Account & Category".

  8. In the "Assigned Members" section, click the "Multiple Selection" button on the right hand side. In the resulting pop-up, stay on the "Select Single Values" tab card. Here, click the white square icon at the right hand side of the first line. In the resulting pop-up, scroll down until you find the member(s) of your choice (e.g Actual). When found, double click it.

  9. Then click the "Copy" icon.

  10. Then, make sure the "Use Logic Table" is flagged.


  11. Then, click the "Add Dimension" button. For the first line, open the square icon on the right hand side of the "Dimension" field and double-click the desired dimension in the resulting pop-up.

  12. Then click the black triangle icon in the same row, but for the "Operator" column. Select "=" in the pop-up. Finally, for the "Members" column, open the square icon in the first row and double-click the dimension of your choice.

  13. Then, click "Save Rule" and then click "BACK" twice.

  14. Click the "Turn Validations On/Off" button.

  15. Click the black triangle for the Model field and, in the next pop-up, click your model.
  16. In the "Validation Switch" section, click the black triangle for any of the three selections or in parallel for all three. In the subsequent pop-up, click "ON".

  17. Finally, click "Save Validation Settings" and then click "BACK" once.

  18. Master Data Validation checks can be executed in Excel or Web by entering some data for the relevant selection and by pressing Save Data. The system then gives an error message when the validation rule is "hurt" like this: