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After migrating from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 BPC MS packages do no longer work. Copying the dtsx files from the ApShell standard packages like copy or move seems to reslove the problem and the packages are apparently running successfully from View Status wizard but actually they are not doing the tasks they are built for. When opening the dtsx file in BIDS 2008 and comparing it to the same dtsx file in BIDS 2005 the tasks are not the same. This was due to the fact that after copying dtsx file of standard package ("copy" or "move") the user did not change the tasks in BIDS 2008 in order for the package to work as it was designed. So the idea is to re-build the package tasks in BIDS 2008 as it was in BIDS 2005 and delete the tasks inherited from the standard dtsx file.


Growth package for example was migrated from a SQL Server 2005 environment to a SQL Server 2008 environment but it doesn't work. The idea was to copy a standard dtsx file like copy or move, and change its name and Dynamic script editor value to match "Growth" package but the user forgot to rebuild Growth.dtsx file also from BIDS 2008. You find below how to do re-build dtsx files from BIDS 2008.

Re-build dtsx files from BIDS 2008

  1. Go to BIDS 2008 and open your Growth.dtsx file:

  2. Delete all these three items:

  3. Drag and drop the item Logic Task 2008 to your Control Flow area:
  4.  Rename it to Execute formulas:

  5. Run your package now it will run successfully:

  6. If you do not find the Logic Task 2008  item within the Toolbox so right click on Control Flow Items then on choose Items:

  7.  Navigate to tab SSIS Control Flow Items select the Item Logic Task 2008 then click on OK:




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