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In this article, we will summarize the different actions that can be performed when there is an error with the execution of FIM jobs.


Here are the product's version used in this wiki:

  • SAP Financial Information Management v10 SP15 build 10.0.2389
  • SAP Data Services v4.2 SP07 build

1. Configure and retrieve FIM's log in DEBUG mode

By default you have a log and a trace activated by two files '' and 'TraceLog.ini' stored in FIM's installation folder.

You can find them in the WEB-INF folder, that is located by default at '<Tomcat__Install_Directory>\webapps\fim\'



These log and trace files are then generated at two different location:

  • 'stdout XXX.log' stored in the ‘<Tomcat_Install_Directory>\Logs' folder (where 'XXX' is a number)
  • 'Trace_xxx.glf' file located in the directory folder specified in the 'TraceLog.ini' file (where 'XXX' is a number)

Note: The files with the latest date and time stamp for 'Modified Date' are the more current files


You can then change the configuration files as follow:



# FIM server log4j configuration

log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, stdout, TraceLog




log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %p [%c] - <%m>%n



 active = true;

 importance = '>>';  // logging levels in decreasing verbosity is <<, <=, ==, >=, >>

 log_dir = "C:";


Note: importance ‘>>’ corresponds to DEBUG mode


Restart the Tomcat web server in order to ensure that the changes to logging levels take effect

2. Configure FIM server in DEBUG mode

The FIM server itself can be on debug mode also by editing the 'server.xml' file located at '<Tomcat_Install_Directory>\webapps\fim\WEB-INF\'

Set the property '<property name="debug" value="true"/>'

 Restart the Tomcat web server in order to ensure that the changes


You can then find 'catalina XXX.log' stored in the ‘<Tomcat_Install_Directory>\Logs' folder

You will be able to find the queries generated by FIM in this file.

3. Retrieve Data Services logs

We will only focus of the Data Services logs that will help us analyze FIM job execution errors, note that there are also other logs for the application itself but it is not in the scope of this page.

  1. The first steps is to connect to the Data Services Management console at this url: http://DSSERVER:8080/DataServices/ where‘DSSERVER’is the name of the server who host the Data Services Management console.
  2. Then you need to go to ‘Administrator’ menu
  3. On the ‘Status’ page select your Data Services repository configured to run with FIM
  4. You will then have the list of latest jobs ran as you can see here:

For troubleshooting FIM jobs we will need the 'Trace', 'Monitor' and 'Error' logs


For more information about Data Services troubleshooting, you can visit the main wiki at this url: Data Services Main Wiki page 

 4. Retrieve source and/or target product's logs

In many cases, during FIM job execution, there can be errors during the extraction of the data (source) or at the load of the data (target), it is then very important to check in addition to FIM and Data Services logs, the source or target product's logs for errors.

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