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The purpose of this page is to explain the steps necessary to customize the Import SQL Data Manager package for use in your Application Set or Environment.



The Import SQL Data Manager package that has been provided with BPC will need to be modified for use in an AppSet other than ApShell or EnvironmentShell.  These modifications will need to be done using BIDS.

Required Supporting Files:

You will need to create two supporting files for this import prackage, a transformation file and a temp mapping file.

The transformation file must be created within BPC.  It must include all dimensions must be included in this transformation file. 

The temporary mapping file should have a list of dimensions, separated by commas and spaces.  This should be saved in a network folder within the same appset where you will be using the import package.

Modifications to the Import SQL Data Manager Package:

Open the package within BIDS (Business Intelligence Design Studio) and replace all references to ApShell with the name of your Application Set.

While still in BIDS, double click on the SQLtoTxt box in the control flow tab. This will take you to the data flow tab.

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