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This article intends to help users how to install BPC NW Services Pack.


BPC NW services pack installation is somehow different from BPC Microsoft version. If you want for example to install the SP08 over a BPC NW 7.50 SP06 machine you will have to install the SP07 because packages are not cumultaive. This wiki covers the steps for users to install the Services Pack of BPC NW. 


The following steps must be completed in client 000

Download packages

Packages are downloaded from SAP Services Market Place, the extension of the files should be .SAR. You should download the same Services Pack level for both components: CPMBPC and POASBC. They go both at the same level.

Decompression of .SAR Files (Services Pack 08 as an example)  

Decompression of .SAR files can be performed by two methods:

  1. un-zipp it through the command SAPCAR –xvf <file name.SAR> under C:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in
  2. upload SAR files in SPAM transaction and they will be extracted automatically:  
    - type t-code /NSPAM, go to Support Package -> load packages -> From Front End and then select the file you want to decompress (use Client 000).



    - Then click on the button Decompress.

    - The file K-80008INCPMBPC.SAR will be decompressed and you should have this message at the end:

    - Do the same step for the second file K-10108INPOASBC.SAR.


Installing the Services Pack 08 as an example:

  1. After decompressing the files click on the following button to define queue:


  2. Select the CPMBPC field and click the green tick button:

  3. select the files already decompressed and click on the import button to start the installation:

  4. Finally you will get such a message to confirm that the installation was successful:

  5. Then you will have to liberate the queue by clicking on the button: Confirm queue:



See SAP Note 2096821.




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