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You want to perform an installation of SAP Disclosure Management, and have access to the Service Marketplace.  For many, it can be challenging to know where to start - which installation files to download, and which notes are essential to read. Much of this is not covered in the installation guide.

Installation guide

You must first check the Software and Hardware requirements, available in the installation guide:

Once this is confirmed, and the preparation of the server and client machines is complete, you may progress to downloading the installation files.

Software download

SAP always recommends that the latest version of the product is used, especially for new installations. Point your web browser to the following URL:

Once you have logged in, click "Software Downloads" up the top

As you can see in the screenshot above, Disclosure Management can be found in both "Support Packages and Patches" and "Installation and Upgrades".  Use the corresponding A - Z Index, and find Disclosure Management under the letter D.

Installation and Upgrades

It is not necessary to visit this area. It only includes an early release of the BW connector.

Support Packages and Patches

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