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Provide a list of the top "Note Assistant" knowledge base articles (KBA's) / SAP Notes.  This page is planned to get updated regularly once a month.

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Latest KBA/SAP Notes
2080528Note   search results list displays an incorrect message at the status bar
2037758Error   during remote comparison
1935301SNOTE   tries to download SAP note 0000000000
2094901Package   SEARCH does not contain required function modules in release 7.10
2085104Correct   handling of SNote for Neither Pre nor Post Manual
2077553Obsolete   version Implemented notes - Automatic adjustment for manual activities
2045124Correction   for the modif version of the Dynpro object
2073856Dump in   Message class.
2019086SNOTE new   feature: Note text display in HTML
2079148ANST - Fix   for the issue related to executing with Programs
Top Star Rated KBAs
 Number Description
1893350SNOTE :   Choose a Main Program for 'CWBNTCNS' While Implement
1783243Error -   'Inconsistent Data' during SAP Note Implementation u
1860884How to   find the SAP Note after downloading with SNOTE
1928534Obsolete   SAP notes deimplemented during SPAU adjustment
1845242Error   "Not all required corrections were implemented" & "Inc
1818192FAQ:   Automated Note Search Tool
Most Viewed KBAs
1940648 SPAU :   Corrections in SAP Note - Analysis


ANST001   Fatal Error. Customizing table is not filled
1921937Implementing   SAP Note is not allowed. Error message "Changes
1928534Obsolete   SAP notes deimplemented during SPAU adjustment


SCWN106   - SAP Note incomplete in transaction SNOTE or SPAU
1842219System   setting does not allow changes to be made to object N
1940479SNOTE -   Analysis
1889356SPAU   having note with Question mark
1828131SNOTE   Error : Message no. TK111: Mixed Objects With and With
1818192FAQ:   Automated Note Search Tool



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