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This wiki provides an overview of the different packages available within the BPC for Netweaver (BPC NW) Data Manager, and a brief description on the appropriate usage of each. 


A package is run by the user from within the BPC for Netweaver Data Manager, integrated into the Excel client.  This may be the 7.5 Excel client, or the EPM add-in.  A package is an interface for a BW process chain, allowing the user to enter various inputs to customize the process chain. Many packages are pre-delivered with the product, pointing to existing process chains.  It is also possible to create new process chains, and add them as a package into the data manager; or modify and organise existing packages. 


The Data Manager module provides provides packages to enable a user to move and copy data, as well as mapping and transforming data.  The packages are designed to automate the process of manipulated data within BW.   The packages are divided into the following categories:

  • Data Management
  • Financial Processes
  • System Administration

Below is a screenshot of the Data Manager (click to enlarge):


Data Management

Data management packages classify those that introduce data into the system, or clear / copy / move it within the system.

Import Master Data

Master data can be loaded from several sources, with or without Hierarchies.  This will form the dimension memebers within BPC NW.  During this process, transformation and conversion files may be necessary to ensure the data is loaded correctly.

Import Transactional Data

Used to import transactional data from a selection of sources.

Financial Process

Financial processes are packages for performing manipulation to existing transactional data in the system.


Allocation is the process of sending a value from a sender, to multiple receiving objects. 

FX Restatement

Used for currency translation, this package will take the rates defined in the 'Rate' Application/Model - and convert from the Local Currency 'LC'.


This package allows a user to check the integrity of transactional data.

Other Functions


Optimisation is a maintenance process, can be performed on two different scales - full, and lite.  As the names imply, full is a more intensive optimisation.  A lite optimize rebuilds and compresses the InfoCube in BW.  The full optimization will perform a complete restructure, by coping the data from an InfoCube into another. 

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