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THANK YOU — PCM Blog/Article Contributors

All Time

Top Contributors, All Time: Richard Barrett (6), Carsten Hilker (3), Mark Heffernan (3), Jeffrey Holdeman (3), Muthu Ranganathan (2)


Top Contributors, 2012:
Richard Barrett (2), Jens Koerner (1)


Top Contributors, 2011:
Richard Barrett (2), Mark Heffernan (2), Mark Chalfen (1), Jochen Kalkoff (1), Jens Koerner (1)


Top Contributors, 2010: Richard Barrett (2), Jeffrey Holdeman (2), Carsten Hilker (1), Vivek Madhav (1), Muthu Ranganathan (1)


Top Contributors, 2009: Mark Heffernan (1)


Top Contributors, 2008: Carsten Hilker (2), Jeffrey Holdeman (1), Muthu Ranganathan (1)

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PCM Topic Area

Profitability beyond finance

Muthu Ranganathan

Sep 30, 2008

Profitability Whitepaper

A Cost Allocation Engine You'll Want to Use

Jeffrey Holdeman

Aug 22, 2008

Controlling, BW Integrated Planning, Assignments

Cost and Profitability in SAP: PCM deployment: options - when to use PCM ? what to use PCM for ?

Carsten Hilker

Jun 25, 2008

PCM General

ROI calculator for Activity Based Costing and SAP PCM implementations

Carsten Hilker

Jun 15, 2008

ROI, SAP Value Engineering

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (vji20kb)

    Resolved Issues of SAP PCM Support Package 12 and 13

    Support Package 12:
    • Synchronization of a Large Number of Users (25,000) Fails
    • Model Calculates More Slowly in Version 7.5 Than in Version 7.0
    • A Model Returns Different Results Depending on the Setting for the "Rules Engine" Model Calculation Option
    • Model Builder Locks When Values in a Grid Are Modified
    • Visual Feedback on the Progress of Data Updates for Charts and Grids in Books is Improved
    • A Model Returns Inconsistent Results for the SummaryActivityValue When Connected to an Oracle Database
    • Amended Wording for Security Alert Message “Model failed to open
    • RestrictCombination and IncludeCombination Do Not Return Correct Values in a Specific Model
    • User-Defined Rules Do Not Work for a Specific Model
    • Unable To Enter Data in the Wizard, Data Bridge Is Launched From Within Model Builder for Specific Models
    • Correction to SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management Database Guide for Microsoft SQL Server
    • Files Exported to CSV with the Unicode Option Selected Fail to Import Correctly
    • “Interface Not Supported" Error Occurs When Launching Data Bridge from a Client in a Newly Upgraded System
    • When Data Bridge Imports Data from SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, Member Names Are Truncated

    Support Package 13:
    • Exception error C0000005 occurs when a Responsibility Center is created or deleted and the application becomes unstable
    • Opening a new model in version 7.5 SP12 64-bit application freezes or appears to continuously initialize
    • Automatic CPU allocation always resets first CPU to zero
    • Values not returned in a timely manner
    • In version 7.5 SP12, a Resource Driver item using the SourceActivityLineItemValue function in a ResourceDriverSplit rule failed to display values
    • Rules using datavalues are not creating Dependencies so values are not refreshed in grid
    • Adding large number of items using ‘Paste as sibling(s)’ causes model to close
    • Status is not set when the Version dimension structure is imported from Microsoft Excel 2003