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The matrix consolidation can consolidate the data based on two different and independent dimension hierarchies, such as one for legal entities and one for profit centers.

Matrix consolidation enables the integration of statutory reporting and management reporting, which is based on single set of data and therefore always consistent with each other.

In previous release of BPC, matrix consolidation in one single model is not supported. That is because, in each model, there can only be one Entity type dimension.

This is enhanced in 10.1 SP06.

1,The idea

When looking at the internal organization structure, such as profit center, normally it would not have complicated structure with different ownership percentages. In most cases, the ownership between a parent profit center and subsidiary profit center should be 100%.

This is very similar to the requirement to run US Elimination rule, which is only based on entity dimension hierarchy.

So the idea is simple, enhance the existing US Elimination rule to make it executable on dimension other than Entity dimension.

2,How to use

Enable this new feature in IMG, by using transaction SPRO in SAPGUI.

  • Add a new model level parameter ‘ENABLE_MATRIX_US_ELIM’ to activate it.

  • Add two User Defined dimensions: PROFITCENTER , INTCO_PC (Trading Partner of Profit Center)
  • In US Elimination rule definition, two new options are available:User can decide which dimensions in the model should be used as Entity dimension and Intco dimension.

  • In the drop down list, only list Entity type dimension and user defined dimensions
  • The US Elimination still need to executed via Data Manager and Logic Script.Some enhancements are made:

    1.Keyword ‘GROUP’ now can filter the given group id and it’s subgroups when the related parameter is enabled.
    2.A new keyword ‘KEYDATE’ can be used in US Elimination logic script to leverage time-dependent hierarchy. (Right now, it only supports the format like: KEYDATA = yyyymmdd.)

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