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Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver

1843230BPC-NW - UJBR Failed to download   file to target destination
1518446Aggregation of amounts for AST and LEQ accounts at quarter and   year level - BPC
1774492ASSERTION_FAILED ABAP dumps generated in ST22 transaction -   BPC NW
1784675Meta Data cache is not refreshed when adding new dimension   members: EPM Add-in
1807045*DESTINATION_APP Script Logic Keyword is not COMMIT specific
1820522BPC-NW - How to gather the DM package logs directly from the   Netweaver Backend.
1822193EPM-BPC-NW: "Invalid data" when querying Journal   Data in the EPM BPC Web Client
1826727BPC NW version mapping matrix
1853902Date field truncated when running IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER: BPC-NW
1848621Context changes if opening a second Excel session: EPM Add-in
1852527EpmCopyRange does not delete rows or columns outside of active   report area
1877677Journal Manager shows journal date in UTC (GMT) regardless of   regional settings
1883888Dimensions in Security Member Access Profile are not updated   after running a Pr
1885516EPM-BPC-NW: Journal Logic is not executed
1898856Unrecognized charSet 'iso-8859-1' in contentType
1906563Cannot configure parameter KEYDATE in task
1916316Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW Central Note
1924652How to find Business Planning and Consolidation Audit Data   within SAP NetWeaver
1940012"Automation Error" when executing Offline   Distribution in Microsoft Excel 2010
1947581Records from Flat file size are duplicated when uploaded to   the server - BPC NW
1960098Business Planning Consolidation 10.0 for NetWeaver Journal and   Auto Reverse val
1966663BPC NW 10.1 Frequently Asked Questions
1967729UJBR of Metadata fails with InfoProvider does not exist error:   BPC-NW
1969858BPC 10.1 NW: Error when creating object directory entry
1970917Values less than 0.5 are not shown in report: BPC-NW
1971188When using RUNALLOCATION script logic the data is not being   set to zero as expe
1977722When using the Enterprise Performance Management Add-in to   connect to Business
1982121"There is no file" error when scheduling Offline   Distribution: BPC-NW
1983862Equity Pick Up Rule within Business Planning and Consolidation   10.0 causes doub
1990378After updating to Business Planning and Consolidation opening   newly created tea
1991245Dump CONVT_NO_NUMBER generated when data operation is   executed: BPC-NW
1996690After Business Planning and Consolidation 7.5 Support Package   16 was applied it
1997026MDX statement error: Value [FORMULA_NAME] for characteristic   Measures unknown:
2004273BPC10 - ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump while collecting transport   request
2006983"errors found retrieving data" when refreshing   multiple reports
2008268BPC-NW - ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER_BLK and Property/Attribute   DAPs
2010964BPC parameters list and how they impact system behavior- BPC   NW 10.0/10.1
2012642Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 NetWeaver Transport   Connection is not
2015275Adjustment Type not visible in Business Rules Eliminations and   Adjustments - BP
2033038When using the Refresh Selected Report option within the   Enterprise Performance
2048913UJKT is reversed from logic executed via Data Manager package:   BPC-NW
2049365BPC NW Model copy error: Invalid BW namespace definition,   Message no. R7003, Th
2053377No active links in web client after upgrading SAP GUI or other   HTML client: BPC
2058257Column missing in Administrator client when editing dimension   members: BPC-NW
2068753A Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 NetWeaver   Environment cannot be dele
2072884Web Page URL exceeds 2083 character limit of Internet   Explorer: BPC-NW
2077523UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 error happens when refreshing a report
2081461BPC-NW - CX_SY_COMPRESSION_ERROR File Compression error under   UJFS
2081547BPC NW: Save Data button disabled / grayed out / unavailable
2082241BPCNW - Unable to Get Prefix for Environment on BPC 10.1
2082565Data Manager does not respect workstatus locks: BPC-NW
2088805Hierarchy sequence wrong when exporting dimension to CSV:   BPC-NW
2096844The Enterprise Performance Management link within the Planning   and Consolidatio
2104823Member formula - Dimension MEASURES not available: BPC-NW
2116096The expansion member error is not valid using   EPMDimensionOverride function
2117358Using the Save to Server option within the Enterprise   Performance Management Ad
2136246EVDRE expand needs 2nd refresh to display if fixed columns and   row suppression:
2168936SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Central   Note
2179455*DESTINATION_APP function: "Invalid   *DESTINATION_MODEL" error when validating s
2193471BPC NW 10.0/10.1 Report Troubleshooting guide - Performance   and Incorrect Resul
2202323Compatibility matrix for BPC ABAP components of release 10.0
2248271/1CPMB/P* table is excluded in program   UJAA_CLEAN_DELETED_APPSET
2249213Error: "Error occurred while processing the   dimension" after deleting a Dimensi
2253956SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 on SAP BW 7.5   SP03 Central Note
2262290UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018, 0HIER_NODE error when creating YTD   report in Periodic m
2265577SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation 10.1 on SAP   BW 7.5 SP04 Central No
2272482User cannot open EPM Add-in report through URL directly.
2274961BPC user counting(DDIC changes only)
2299137RSA1 info provider name - BPC NW
1893749UJA_EXCEPTION "Failed to read master data from   dimension" when attempting to ac
2304971BPC 10.1 Standard License accounting enhancement to   distinguish Professinal use
2314097SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch01   Central Note
2317768SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch10   Central Note
2329979SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch02   Central Note
2336031In the Embedded model, the audit dimension doesn#t display on   the Data Changes
2336628SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch03   Central Note
2336693SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 on SAP BW 7.5   SP04 Patch01 Central N
2338108Opening a BPF throws a 080010105 error - BPC 10
2338302"Invalid attribute name (PARENTHX) in dimension   (XXXX)"
2252768Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP22 Central   Note
2345657SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 for NetWeaver   versions, "7.4 SP10 Pa
2346591Error : "code : SY_530" - BPC NW
2349774Limited number of rows in the EPMFormattingSheet
2349986Save' and 'Save and Process' button not enabled after delete   cell content
2351107After clipboard copy outside of browser the first time paste   gets previous valu
2352517User's email change without updating via BPC Admin
2352449Moving tasks within BPF activity causes screen to go blank:   BPC-NW
2353356SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch04   Central Note
2359830Error Dimension not found with UJAA_DELETE_APPSET
2359921Table /1CPMB/XXXXXXX already exists.
1723611Time periods in EVDESCRIPTION displayed as numeric text:   BPC-NW
1825988BPC NW: Data Audit Purge Frequency (days) Feature
1981622"Possible Dead File/Dir" message in UJA_DATA_CHECKER   BPC NW 10
2137647Switch to List view shows incorrect or blank members: BPC-NW
2205506DBIF_RSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN' dump processing dimensions
2214847Fail to copy environment due to "Dynamic data internal   error"
2306005Unable to create model with the same name of a previously   deleted one
2322147Runtime error 'TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED' occurs when   cleaning BPC environment
2336169Ambiguity on recommended shared memory size by   UJA_BPC_BUFFER_SIZER
2336089Excel client dimensions not up to date after modification
2339850Enhancing Transparent Paging in Member Selector
2344341Fix the issue of modifying model in DB6
2352836Additional Blanks are removed after processing
2352962Not able to see the list of BW users when adding a new BPC   user - BPC NW 10.1 S
1816165Limitations for Virtual Provider in BPC NW10.x
2261211Not able to modify Model
2354413Recent audit data is not archived when "Archive Adudit   Data" package is execute
1773600Error 'RUN_LOGIC: Business rules are not available' - BPC
2338535There is no menu to select base members when choosing time or   category members
1657612Enable shared memory
2334670Remove length restriction of Member Formula for dim. w   time-dep. hier
2338935Solve the "Detected duplicate member ID" error when   processing dimension
2345615The relationship between filter conditions when query master   data
2346595Failed to restore master data with hierarchy level above 20
2356541Make the error message more accurate when modifying model
1862499AL: Get calc engine type by both IMG parameter and keyfigure
2112616Script logic displays error when multiple dimensions are used   with EXPRESSIONS
2189987Performance improvement of validating WHEN/ENDWHEN function   with huge members
2331063Property value is not recognized in WHEN/ENDWHEN statement
2334178Currency Dimension can't pass <ALL> to BADI
2336576UJBR for environment containing member formulas greater than   255 characters
2348063Base member check cause script execution failure in   WHEN/ENDWHEN
2349564Performance improvement of member formula calculation with   large amount dimensi
2349978Inconsistency with nested member formula
2358127K2: Script with SPACE chars in TMVLs is not working
2359139Exception " INVALID MEMBER "[ALL_BASE]" FOUND   IN DIMENSION XXX" occurs in WHEN/
2334198Enhancement - single role generation for teams
2358625Fail to copy DAP when there is a Task Profile with the same   name
1529409"RUN_LOGIC: Business rules are not available" - BPC
2329795No authority to change Work Status when assigned with   customized team role
2319287BPF - Button "Open Process" is not working
2333580"Resource not found" error when trying to open AO   workbook
2333590BPC user is only to see less than 100 activities in PROCESS   MONITOR
2339777Unable to set deadline for processing Instance with large   number of activities
2339817BPF activity shows 'Add All Dimensions' and 'Context Options'   at runtime
2339827BPC ( Business Planning and Consolidation ) 10.1 Standard   improvement for BPF t
2355587When openning report from BPF actions, window may not be   resized
2358076Package group list is incorrect in BPF definition browse   dialog
2350538Always ask to save template when back to bpf template list   even the template is
1753818UJBR dump "Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not   possible." - BPC NW 10
1905006Error occurred while trying to create dimension attribues via   admin API - BPC 1
2007540Support UJBR Backup/Restore with huge files in File Service in   BPC 10.0
2325004Dump OS_COMMIT_TOP_FAILED occurs when restoring Environment
2355369Enhancement of "Work Status Data" option in UJBR
2357762Failed to restore the Environment in BW 750 or above
2339634Consolidation process for STAGE_ONLY = U or STAGE_ONLY = Y is   not correct
2357562Hierarchy defined by PARENHx for G type dimension not display
2028055Consolidation fails to run at step "Initializing   consolidation engine" - BPC NW
2069569BPCNW - Currency Conversion Status in the Consolidation   Monitor
2344429Two UI changes for financial type models
2301759Control results page does not show any controls
2338355Entity order in control monitor is not consistent with   consolidation monitor or
2207855UJ_VALIDATION BADI needs Journal ID, User ID and Journal   Status from journal mo
2281972"Advanced Query" dialog can't pop up if "Show   Journals" has it as current value
2307175Add log trace method in journal module
2327324[10.1][UIA]-Member selector of journal dimension cannot be   closed when clicking
2353847Synchronize status between source journal and auto-reverse   journal
2340984Detailed journal validation error message is not displayed
2346050Copy environment fail due to invalid ACCOUNT dimension   attribute
2346135Context members should be fixed in journal editor for posted   journal
2348434Dimension change can't be saved due to journal template fail   to update.
2350710Post Auto-reversed journal should not be allowed when the   status of source jour
2352914Context members are not passed to Journal edit page when   creating journal throu
2352777Cursor cannot move to correct cell after pressing tab/enter   key in journal edit
2352792Cursor is not jumping to correct row after press tab key in   Journal Editor page
2356446Journal paste cannot work well after enabling multi-value   configurations.
2332878User who doesn't have the task "Edit Ownership   Manager" can't refresh a Consoli
2350158Missing some entity members for top group node in the entity   table after openin
2337812Performance improvement of Copy Comment
1843600How to assign different categories for different control sets   in BPC NW 10 Web
2335856Fix error "Failed in checking status in control"   when updating work status
1759399Cannot perform write (ILLEGAL_INPUT) Error
1819164Failed to create job BPC_PKGXXXXXXXXXXX : Invalid start time -   BPC.
1912915Transformation and conversion files store the connection: EPM   Add-in
1927892An unauthorized user can view detailed package log
1960682BPC NW: Error obtaining concurrency lock (foreign_lock)
2345532BPC jobs hang in program SAPLRS_GENERAL
2347587DM: No content after last delimiter in data flat file
2357163Dump when validating a transformation to load data from BW
1832582How to schedule a Data Manager package to run automatically
1960679Loading transaction data is finished with warning and rejected   records - BPC NW
2010328"Cannot configure parameter CLEAR_ALL in task   /CPMB/BPC_MASTER_DATA_TARGET" Dat
2050260BPCNW - Error CX_SY_COMPRESSION_ERROR  while running a DM copy package.
2340917UJD_TEST_PACKAGE_LINK answer prompt upload with error
2346594Package status is incorrect when triggering   /CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN in synchrono
2353846Source dimension member is converted to upper case with error
1759794EPM - General Error: Error in RefreshSheet
1828252"There are no environments available on the server"   - BPC NW
1966128Some user needs "Clear Journal" package to clear   Posted journal.
2240434File Service should store time in UTC in case of Lock/Unlock
1636443SAP NetWeaver UNICODE Prerequisites for SAP Business Planning   and Consolidation
2252082BPC 10.1 on SAP_BW 7.50: When upgrading to NetWeaver 750,   After Component SAP_B
2330442Does BPC NW 7.5 support MSXML 6.0?
1826699BPC NW Drill through to a BEx Query using BEx Web Variable   Parameters
2348393Cannot open "Mange Environment" page
2307278Context options of behavior are different between Library and   BPF
2313042Support the multi report in the Dashboard.
1937320BPC-NW - Error modifying ENABLE_HANA_MDX Model Parameter.
1917566BPC NW 10: Data Display Issue for non-Latin characters
2343252In the Embedded model, a Live report is not proceed from #Set   Variables# step.
2353277Auto-fit function for column width is not working when opening   a web Report
2353923In the Embedded model, the changed cell displays as invalid in   the Input Form.
2295425Report refresh Error happens when switching keydate between   different time vers
2316014Further fix after installing the note 2220542 and 2301815
2345036Incorrect data returned with EPMRetrieveData function for a   dimension with TIME
2349977Failed to refresh report with SY_530 error for class   CL_UJHANA_MODEL_UTILITY
2358099Failed to delete an Environment due to  ASSERTION_FAILED runtime error
1941497Checkpoints for consolidation issue
2101349Checkpoints for currency translation issue
2304278Consolidation process must be able to post data for #scope   company# to both cur
2308343[PAK]Provide the possibility to write consolidation result to   virtual provider
2311434Error may happen if multiple dimensions share the same   compounding dimension in
2314045Error handling of saving data
2318229Error 'running process exists on consolidation unit' persists
2077674Support multiple data source members of 'L' type in   consolidation
2322109Scope change generated into P&L account unexpectedly
2337903The second E or P type rule is not supported
2350718Group type filter in consolidation rules works incorrectly
2351259Other dimension filters do not work when running parallel   consolidation
2250129InterCo selection is not supported in balance carry-forward
2249707Unable to run CT the second time due to "Running process   exists" .
2335The functionality 'DATASRC_STAGE' in the FX translation is not   working if CT_PA
2335540Wrong opening rate is used if specific CATEGORY_FOR_OPE is   set  for RATE_CATEGO
1706723Error  during transport:   Assignments for InfoObject  have not   yet been maintain
2137751BPC NW 10.0/10.1 Transport Release error 'Object A needs   object B; latter is no
2163558Error: "Table already exists, Failed to import entity   Dimension member, ID:" wh
2332333Transport deletion failed for non-existed data access profile
2338341Deleted environment is not appearing in Transport deletion
2342647"XXX of model: XXX are not identical between 2   systems" error in transport
2345955Failed to get dependent entity Data Access Profile when   transporting Team
2354044ENABLE_FIXED_CUBE error when transporting an environment to a   system where the
2329199Bypassing validation check doesn't work in write back function
1811218Cannot log on web client after upgrading to SP09 - BPC NW
2274155Checkpoints for BPC Web Logon Issues
2280967Message "Select an offline briefing book" when   logging on to BPC NW 10 web
2333575Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 10
2341443Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 on SAP BW 7.5 SP04   Patch01
2343245Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 03
2343711Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Controls - 3
2343698Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Webclient - 1
2343696Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Controls - 2
2343702Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Controls - 1
2343704Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Webclient - 4
2343713Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Webclient - 3
2343687Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP10 Patch 02 -   Webclient - 2
2343724Intellisense keyword input by Enter key
2343853There is no sufficient contrast ratio of 7:1 at button on web   report
2344141There is no visible focus on the UI Element at Administration   Activity
2344123There is no keyboard access on the "Image" button.
2344061There is no focus feedback of userselector tab
2344006The Column setting on the right top of table cannot be   accessed by keyboard.
2344305A tooltip missing at the Column Setting icon on a grid.
2352217After escaping by "ESC" key from editing cell, user   lose the focus of the cell.
2352242The extra information is red out at the page header.
2356876Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 04
2356990Cells of assignment grid is not accessible.
2356994The label of a dropdown listbox is not read out.
2356969The label of each dropboxes are not read out.
2359468Click on change performer takes too long.
1896462Ownership Manager shows NULL in the dimension members   description
1971100"The logon attempt failed; contact your   administrator" error message in BPC NW
2316656Error occurs when adding a Dimension that has enabled Member   Formula
2340428DB not roll back if deleting member fails
2344312Alignment issue on pasting Dimension Members
2348253ID is not unique' after pasting in the same cell twice
2347802Add warning message when uncheck 'Use as Source of Data'
2351246Job log shows one day off
2354880Property value cleared after pressing the "Delete"   key
2352216The extra information is red out when it is accessed to an   empty cell.
2352932Web report does not refreshing after changing context.
2352956Descendent levels does not appear in new web report creation
2343756No visible focus at items on member selector
2348324The URL of the image button is red out when it is accessed by   keyboard
2081793"You are not authorized to change the work status"   after upgrading BPC-NW
2283060Some available work status can't be displayed.
2342221Work status information returned by EPMWorkStatus is incorrect
2348917Warning message is not clear in work status change
2352180Work status displayed incorrect information in EPM report -   BPC NW
2323693No Audit data generated when changing work status setting


Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver Embedded Edition 

2191569BPC 10.1 Embedded, ABAP code   changes for Book Enhancement in BPC SP08
2217130Assign data access profile to team
2240898Support Consolidation in BPC NW 10.1 Embedded model
2256796Using SBOP PC 10.x: Upgrading to NW 7.50
2268927Support reading data from a separate source InfoProvider
2274903Lack of verification for task sequence settings
2280647BPC 10.1 Embedded "Export to File" may fail for CSRF   token checking
2286143Missing TLOGO entries in the table RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPES
2300249Remove the limitation that keyfigure of consolidation and   ownership infoprovide
2314861IC Booking gets IMG parameter value from standard model
2314833Carry forward rules can not be saved if validation failed
2317703Dump may happen if entity is not mapped for group dimension
2321534Consolidation logic has error if ownership and consolidation   infoprovider use d
2327643Error happens in opening the Memberselector for VDH dimension   on Controls Monit
2332321Ownership data cannot be saved if the default intercompany   member is not assign
2333666Move down/up arrow should not be enabled
2334167BPC 10.1 Embedded License accounting enhancement to   distinguish Professinal use
2338921Web client head UI is not correct in UI5 1.36.1
2339798Fix checkman issues ( for internal technical purpose only )
2341058New type of query in BPC
2344967Dump occurs when fltering control result with status "to   be executed"
2345596Dimension descriptions do not show correctly in screen of   enabling controls
2350067Wrong user measurement in BPC standard model without enabling   PAK
2352913Submit data check is not disabled for old backend version
2355810Checkman issue on RSBPCA
2355855Support open empty AO office in the home page.
2336643D-Version entries of DAP tables is also deleted when deleting   an environment
2339070If a hierarchy name has special characters, hierarchy   maintenance page does not
2336613Provide a dimension selector for Local Dimension Creation
2336578Enhancement for a local dimesnion creation
2321078Failed to show hierarchy nodes
2324170Failed to edit mapping dimension
2333582Provide authorization information of each InfoObject
2336604New brand name for SAP BPC
2340902Web client UI hangs when opening a time dependent dimension
2347942Nothing happens when adding/copying hierarchy
2360864BPC Embedded: View hierarchy hang with dump   OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED
2307441Validation warning if the superior dimension is referred by   multiple dimensions
2323317Support HCPR and MultiProvider in BPC model
2323318Enable HANA CompositeProvider and MultiProvider for BPC Model
2325116Superior dimension should be not displayed in advanced setting   if no dimension
2325437Superior dimension has a different member for shared   compounding dimension.
2330389Fixed value of superior dimension is not saved if the superior   dimension is sha
2336610DDIC Objects for the Note    2323241
2336674Support to distinguish mapping columns whether it is keyfigure   or not
2341545Support Auditing for aDSO
2342007Failed to edit/view model
2347152DDIC Objects for the Note 2341545
2350922BPC Embedded: Inconsistent local composite provider created
2356383Invalid auditable information of aDSO
2359403Performance enhancment for delete team
2040470BPC 10.1 Embedded, when setting varaible for Analysis Office   workbook,only work
2263682Embedded BPF activity system report enhancement - show   performed user and revie
2264566Embedded BPF activity system report enhancement - show   performed user and revie
2281901Auto execute Work Status fails due to Work Status setting   changed when submit/r
2287745BPC 10.1 Embedded BPF activity workspace variable member   selector is opened wit
2298173Compounding driving dimension is shown in workspace title
2331691BPC ( Business Planning and Consolidation ) 10.1 Embedded BPF   Instance and Acti
2321149Prevent to transfer the hierarchy version value from BPF to   workstatus.
2296716Identity/driving dimension member display isn't correct
2339854Get transport error 'BPC Workspace' is not available in   version 'A' when collec
2329116Can not create journal template if the modeling data was   invalid in embedded mo
2329117Can not input the dimension member in journal entry grid if   the dimension id co
2345002In the Embedded model, the Data Changes report doesn#t filter   in #User# and #Da
2325267[PAK]Japanese Calendar_Timestamp display incorrect in data   audit report
2340353Data change system report for aDSO
2314834Currency conversion has error if consolidation and ownership   infoprovider use d
2334211Text node will be cut off if it's longer than the length of   the infoobject
2339464Error message is not proper
2335559Open consolidation monitor has error if rate infoprovider is   not specified
2338978Carry-forward has error if a DATASRC is not assigned to the   mapped hierarchy
2339522Handle system type dimension in consolidation
2340358Dump may happen when reading metadata or master data
2340932Carry forward to  period   does not work properly
2333966BPC Embedded Work Status - Adjustments for reporting providers   in model
2344551SQL statement failed' when getting work status if work status   lock dimension h


Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft 

1366676SAP BPC: What Service Pack,   Patch and Build Version am I running ?
1367355More than 15 digits to left of decimal results in error:   BPC-MS
1433699"ExecuteBaseLogic::Invalid application: RATE" when   uploading data
1440154"Replace" or "Accumulate" when publishing   a workbook: BPC-MS
1519949Workstatus validation checks the periodic value- BPC
1552601Script logic skips some records without justification: BPC-MS
1583085Continually asked for login / username / password when running   a BPC audit repo
1590759Work Status: The index being passed in is out of range: BPC-MS
1612949EPM-BPC BPC Error in RunLogicAgainstSelection
1930329"You are not authorized to use this action" when   launching BPF: BPC-MS
1615837Error when executing or modifying Data Manager package: BPC-MS
1622838Rounding of decimal places in *REC statement: BPC-MS
1633966EVDRE error retrieving data from the Web Server: BPC-MS
1646998There is insufficient system memory in resource pool %% to run   this query error
1650623BPC Script Logic using %DIMENSIONNAME_SET% Variables
1663856How to Run CTS+ Transportconsole.bat File for Troubleshooting   Purposes
1678822BPC 7.0 / 7.5 / 10.0 / 10.1 for Microsoft: Third Party   Software Support Matrix
1685853Users cannot connect to BPF page: BPC-MS
1840454BPC10: Error when scheduling a data manager package: Access is   denied. (Excepti
1870857BPC MS Upgrade Hangs Assigning COM+  Components
1763946"Cannot connect to the report server database"   Windows application event log: B
1765251OSoftAdminMain.exe creates TCP Connection to external web   site: BPC-MS
1765647"Cannot send email; the SMTP setup is not complete":   BPC-MS
1774700"Could not load file or assembly "AntiXssLibrary' or   one of its dependencies":
1774747"RunLogicAgainstSelection: Overflow" when validate   script logic: BPC-MS
1785586Variance in expected values when using offline distribution:   BPC-MS
1794393Updates in Administrator not visible in Excel or Web Client:   BPC-MS
1799188"FX-200 No Rate Extract from FactRate" running   SPRUNCONVERSION: BPC-MS
1787453How to activate SSIS Logging: BPC-MS
1879363BPC: How to resolve the error "The current members are   locked"
1837990Analysis, edition for OLAP Cache Settings for XMLA data   sources
1851261Troubleshooting BPC MS EvDRE Reports
1857325BPC:BPCREGHELPER.EXE requires admin access
1861279BPC MS VARSCP FLOW_TYPE Causes Inconsistent Data
1866087BPC MS Setup will now terminate when installing BPC MS Server   component
1867142BPC: How to restore an appset database to a different location
1868937EPM Add-in: The server application, source file, or item   cannot be found. Make
1870692JRN_IS_STAT_APP' set to 1 degrades journal entry performance:   BPC-MS
1873289BPC MS and CTS+: System.Exception: ID or Password or CTS   Server address is inco
1875248BPC: Dimension Processing vs Application processing
1879051"User does not have access" when selecting   "Logging" option in BPC Management C
1881157"User does not have access" when selecting   "Logging" option in BPC Management C
1892553Invalid property name: PARENTH1 error in EPM functions: BPC-MS
1905604"Unhandled Exception has occurred in a component in your   application" when sele
1922588BPC 10: Error creating evironment
1931172Installation error on Windows 7
1931195Error when calling EPMAddInAutomation class member
1942557"There was no endpoint listening at..." error when   adding new package via "Orga
1944370BPC: Excel not responding when refreshing templates containing   multiple EVDRE f
1950267BPC: Error when processing a dimension
1965267SMTP setup details to configure email from BPC-MS
1967272Windows could not start the BPC SendGovenor Service
1999630BPC: Moving a BPC installation from one server to another
2019943BPC MS 10 Work Status Error: Data at the root level is   invalid. Line 1, positio
2021247EPM Add-in hanging at "Loading environments and   models..." Logon screen
2023804BPC MS System: Error On Processing reports
2035985OLE DB error HY018 Connection failure in Full Optimize
2037700BPC: Error when performing Modify Model: ExecuteReader:   CommandText property ha
2037709BPC: How to re-create a missing cube
2040936BPC: Scheduled Offline Distribution book publications don't   show up in the Wind
2052929BPC MS Performance Issues
2060486BPC: How to use a Data Manager package for creating dimension   members from a SQ
2063259Is there a limit on the amount of environments you can have on   one server
2068235BPC: Records are not being removed from the FACT table during   Full Optimize
2073665BPC10: Cannot create new conversion file
2099241Logic Error when posting journal: Could not find a part of the   path "<...>"
2106413BPC 10: Splash screen in BPC Web never completes loading   Internet Explorer 11
2111078EPM Add-in: AmbiguousMemberDescription
2113622How to enter dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format in the Dimension   Member Sheet
2164144Error when saving package or attempting to change the Modify   Script Variable
2171540Windows authentication and the EPM Add-in
2173652BPC MS 10.1: Cannot create ActiveX component during   installation
2180181EPM Add-in: Refresh Charts Automatically
2187236BPC: Script Logic Error    - Error in RunLogicAgainstSelection: Invalid procedure
2191025BPC10: How to enable logging for the XMLA provider
2199278Does BPC support Windows 10
2207088BPC 10 Admin client does not start
2231423BPC 10: Cannot create ActiveX component when running a data   manager package
2274769BPC 10.1 EPMRETRIEVEDATA function returns an error after   installing SP04
2284567Cannot find the registered package. please check source   package to be copied(mo
2297130Running a Data Manager Package fails
2339379Users cannot install the BPC 10.0 MS patch in specific case
2339377Outlooksoft.config will be initialized when users upgrade BPC   server
2346563Error : "OLAP Database : Fail" - BPC MS
2346540Member sorting by Property not working - BPC
2347091BPC10: Client auto update feature not available for Big   Volumes /.NET40 edition
2352535XDIM_MEMBERSET =BAS(END) logic script syntax error
2353227EPM Add-in: Cannot open the member selector via the drop-down   in the Context pa
2355288Clicking on the Action Pane Admin Client doesn't work
2360648BPC MS: Sequential journal numbering
2360610EPM Add-in: Failed to save data
1533796Include Scope / Selection of Account Dimension (%ACCOUNT_SET%)   in Default Logic
1573987Error: Input string was not in a correct format, after adding   dimension to mode
1601582The HIR1 (or HIR2 or HIR3) function does not exist when   processing dimension
1807901Local accounts for service accounts
1886610Validation rules are cleared when changing journal template   for a model - BPC M
1562857Optimization does not end: BPC-MS
1597914BPC MS Script Logic - Using the greater than / less than   operators ('<',  '>')
1624987SPRUNCONSO Errors: "CSD-150" and "CSD-160"
1628908BPC MS: How to fix the Full Optimize with compress time-out   failure
1610577Change Currency Conversion from Reporting Currencies to Group   Currency
1605579Cannot Edit Properties for SSIS Custom BPC Tasks (Error:   Cannot show the editor
2313035BPC MS Stored procedures generate internal exception log in   specific case
2312986Entity data does not display although users add it in specific   case in Ownershi
1650402Manage Dynamic Hierarchies node detail does not show in Office   2010: BPC-MS
1635831Exporting More Than 1,,, Dimension Intersections
1577318Custom BPC MS Data Manager (DTSX) Package Not Being Logged in   Data Audit Tables
1658688Error: "Cannot finish job; there are too many rejected   records due to access pe
1633290BPC MS Reports and Input Templates Return Inconsistent Results

EPM Add-In 

1827853"No member insertion filter   has been created for the dimension. You cannot inse
1681042EPM Add-In Not Getting Loaded / Installed Correctly
1788476AFTER_REFRESH VBA event keeps refreshing the workbook in EPM   Add-In
1815880EPM Add-in offline mode functions not removed from a report
1849136Page Axis formatting is not applied for multiple dimension   members in EPM Add-I
1890942"EPMPosition" Local Members position in EPM Add-in   report
1898835EPM Add-in: Unable to contact the server. There was no   endpoint listening at [.
1898873EPM Add-in:The underlying connection was closed: Could not   establish trust rela
1935265EPM - General Error: Measures schema rowset temporarily   unavailable
1936697EVDRE report with AfterRange parameter hangs in EPM Add-in
2147899EPM Add-in: Using higher than 100% Windows display screen   resolution
2002609"No Connection Extension has been discovered for the   ConnectionClass 'Firefly_B
2050633EPM Addin with write back capabilities
2057384EPM Add-in: Where is the context information stored
2060281Authentication window cancel button does not work in EPM   Add-In
2060483EPM Add-in: The context information is not preserved between   Citrix sessions
2064378EPM Add-in: General error - Failed to save data.
2086567How to enable the EPM Add-in installation log
2096819EPM add-in: General Error: Invalid environment
2112938Offline Distribution - distribute files in previous excel   format: BPC-NW
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2359721Report formatting is lost
2204428EPM Add-in Sheet Options missing or blank
2281806Third Party Software Requirements and Recommendations for EPM   Add-in
2282357Dimension Context Current View Members not set after EPM   Add-In Upgrade
2309308ALL:Cannot connect to a query, after a long time an error   appears
2311160ALL:  Refresh freezes   application activities until completed
2312162Office Client Strategy for BPC
2327742Using EPM Client on BPC Embedded
2327606EPM add-in for Microsoft Office SP 26 Patch 01
2345323BPC: Comments disappear after inserting members
2346205EPM add-in for Microsoft Office SP 26 Patch 01
2348414ALL: Excel freeze, unresponsive ribbon, frozen data, locked   sheet
2348734ALL: Excel keeps flickering
2349852Vulnerabilities with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
2350933EPM add-in for Microsoft Office SP 26 Patch 02
2352027ALL:Activate method of Range class failed error
2355653EVDRE: When report result is generated on separate Excel   sheet, report is not g
2359562Excluded Members not working dynamically
1806977Application.Run "EPMExecuteAPI" does not execute   when calling API function
2068096Failed to save data in EPM Add-in when using BPC 10.1 Embedded   Model
2358641Workbook requires to log in twice in AO
2356299Error "Range #0 has exceeded workbook columns limit,   255"
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