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EPM-BPC-NW1586088Plan & Consol 10.0 for   NetWeaver Documentation Addendum
 2160261BPC Measurement 3155
 1625384How to determine which variant step of a BPC process chain has   failed
 1764181Upgrade to CPMBPC 754 on SAP NetWeaver 731
 2019690BPC NW: RUNLOGIC PH issue is not supported by SAP.
 2143595"member xxxx not exist# error occurs when validating   script logic # BPC NW 10/1
 2077523UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 error happens when refreshing a report
 2085650After BPC transport, "Wrong csv format" error   happens when login to EPM add-in
 2086850"An error occurred while validating dimensions   dependencies" error happens when
 2103547Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP17 Central   Note
 2107965Issues in EPM Add-In / BPC for Excel after installing   Microsoft updates
 2113022Does BPC10.0 support Excel2013 64bit and IE11 64bit?
 2113327CURR_CONVERSION logic could only generate results for at most   12 months.
 1626814How to determine if a BPC Lite Optimization was successful
 2104095Some messages need to be refined
 2107064Add warning message for switching TDH version on dimension   hierarchy view
 1816165Limitations for Virtual Provider in BPC NW10.0
 1817337MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump when running light optimize against   application
 2157076In configuration of Data Audit, button images of 'Yes' were   changed in table co
 1660236"the server threw an exception" error occurs when   maintaining dimension member
 1706823Carry Forward package does not generate data when setting   property OPENING_PERI
 1893042"There was a problem setting the assignments. 1 error(s)   in Reviewer" error dis
 1893017Failed to read master data from dimension error when opening   dimension sheet in
 1987386CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL exception happens when running program   UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CAC
 2097032The value of property displaying in EPM Add-in is not   consistent against that i
 1636452How to trigger DEFAULT.LGF
 1658770"No suitable category in application" error occurs   when running currency conver
 1804180"Root element is missing" when sending data from   input schedule
 2099284Code completion doesn't disabled when user type comments in   Logic Script
 2111973Error: 'Missing name after . operator' occur in WHEN/ENDWHEN   function
 1994720Troubleshooting Authorization issues in BPC NW
 1592290ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump happens when running ICDATA package
 1650709No data generated after currency conversion execution
 1660243Result value of consolidation package execution is doubled
 1828593Setting filter for currency does not work when running ICData   and ICBooking pac
 1831936Currency Conversion generates wrong result if category_for_ope   property is set
 1663979How to avoid "Controlled by rule has been violated# when   changing work status
 2062767Ux issues: Focus on the first button
 1905432"There was a problem setting the assignments. 1   error(s)" in performer" error h
 2062818UJBR does not restore all table entries
 1656605Consolidation package generates no result with Flow type   OPENING and DataSrc ty
 1893170Consolidation generates no data when using Datasrc_Level   property
 1804423Dump CX_SY_CREATE_DATA_ERROR occurs when creating journal   template
 2059711Unable to new journals for additional properties
 2061221Can not create a Journal
 1844034Member display is not consistent when setting Group and Entity   dimension to col
 1591783Newly executed package does not display in package status
 1654950"validate with data file failed" error occurs when   validating transformation fi
 1994935CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT error happens when loading transaction   data from BW
 2025654"Task name CONVERT: No 1 Round: Short for column:   XXX" error displays when load
 1666750CLEAR data package execution with filter failed due to huge   transaction data
 1685951Memory dump/Performance in DM export packages
 1804424Transaction data loaded from ECC to BPC multiplied by 1000.
 1845765CX_UJA_MD_ERROR dump when running master data loading package   link
 2055048CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS occurs while loading infoObject   hierarchy on BW 740
 1936204Month displaying is not by sequence when using EVTIM
 1832231Error: "500 Connection timed out Error" when trying   to refresh or send data thr
 1979621EPM functions only refresh in active sheet when login even   there are EPM functi
 1804264Unable to modify and repost journal which has already been   posted
 1660204Evdre report shows incorrect periodic data in YTD application
 1925424Error "HTTP server returned an error" displays when   logging to BPC web admin
 1925392Dump SAPLUJE_10_API_SECURITY_MGMT occurs when running program   UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO
 2102931BPC 10.1 Standard migates BPC 10.0 environments to BPC 10.1;   dumps at BUI Repor
 2108203BPC 10.1 Standard Live Report settings are not recognized   after migrating from
 2115626BPC Standard 10.0 web reports with both fixed list and   hierarchy dimension memb
 1858256Support member set formula in MDX query
 2091089500 internal error when running report with selection of base   level members
 2107757The unjustified error message 'Cube XXX could not be found'   when executing prog
 1994884"SAP ABAP server connection" error displays in BPC   server diagnostic.
 1804670Consolidation result not added up when checking "Apply to   periodic"
 2084099Sorted memberset order when starting BADI in script logic
 1938265The technical name of some InfoObjects will change   automatically after BPC tran
 1650273"Dimension 'XXX' 's attribute list in not same as BI   InfoObject '/CPMB/XXXX'" e
 2044495Encounter error messages when selecting BPC environment for   transporting
 2013466SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch   01 Central Note
 2112954Member selector can not display all members in the Member   Formulas
 1957879Use workspace overview context bar settings of   "Model" and "Key Date" for subvi
 1979740Some work status will miss when "Include All   Descendants" is checked on
 2099467Hierarchy information in work status change dialog isn't   updated
EPM-BPC-MS1297163BPC 7.0 M Documentation Addendum
 1635926BPC 10.0 Advanced Logging
 1721724Does BPC support Office 365
 1995341Error FX-140 No Currency available
 2025153Allocation logic creates duplicate temp result table
 2098759Local data path should be validated during installation
 2104846SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft   SP17 Central Note
 1804690Changing SIGNED_DATA_FORMAT does not take effect
 1835327Error: "ev4ExcelAddin.dll not registered"  when logging into BPC Admin Client
 1267622Store Procedure SPRUNCONVERSION  issue
 1804679How to set member in a multiple hierarchy dimension
 2111983Journal option "Balanced" is not working after   enabling JRN_BALANCE parameter
 2157093Language resource for send and logic script does not apply   correctly
 2109555When operating allocation logic in temp table mode, its   performance dropped
EPM-XLS1962338Connection manager becomes blank after EPM add-in upgraded
 2001278Performance of EPM add-in is affected if lots of teams are   defined in the BPC e
 2035097"Save Data" button and "Data Manager" tab   is missing in BPC EPM add-in
 2085520#VALUE! or #RFR displays for the cells with EPMRetrieveData   after refreshing re
 1964912After user inserts a member to report, the existing input data   disappears.
 1883581EPM Add-in displays incorrect dimension member values in   member list
 2085651WorkStatus displays strange dimension in EPM Add-in after user   change the Conne
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