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Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW )
2196613Save button is not enabled after   changing owner dimension hierarchy
2207408BPC NW 10.0 Use of BADI_UJW_WS_CHANGE
2198978Workspace should support drag and drop to reorder its contents
2203085Too many dimensions are listed on context bar for embedded in   BPF
2165996Context member for input form in workspace follows overview's   one after adding
2201284The mark "expanded" could be displayed improperly in   the report even though it
2166612Support the functionality of selecting users by single clicking keyboard 'blank
2064912OK button is not enabled with only property filter
2201907Not able to change member in WorkStatus dialog when trying to   select a member o
2201336Member selector will not display description for selected   member
2200568Member selector cannot remember the scrollbar position
2193595Horizontal scrollbar with Internet Explorer in the dimension   member page
2194552Web client show 'EPM Office Add-in for Word' incorrectly for   Powerpoint interfa
2162327The time delay occurs when user try to select a row header or   resize a column h
1625471Email notification functionality doesn#t work in BPC NW-BPC   7.0&7.5
2202883Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 01 -   WebClient
2202882Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 01 -   controls
2205068Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 05 -   WebClient
2205067Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 05 -   Controls
2171298Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 03
2197056Posting data failed due to numeric overflow
2203497Will BPC transport the changements configured in BW backend?
2147932Method UJT_TLOGO_AFTER_IMPORT failed during XPRA phase (BPC /   BW Upgrade)
2125918Dump CX_RSBPCR_INTERNAL_EXCEPTION when releasing BPC transport
2193615BPC NW 10.1 SP06: US elimination supports matrix consolidation
2173923Ownership Calculation Failed
2144809Incremental Consolidation with integration rule enabled may   get system dump
2099396Consolidation should have the option to handle data access   check
2163392Script Logic Not Working When *XDIM_MEMBERSET <dim> =   <empty>
2188955Performance improvement for the programs related to   consolidation
2188915Wrong hierarchy assigned to the flat dimension in member   formula with HANA MDX
2163683Transaction data read issues with 'HANA_NUMERIC_TIME_INDEX'   enabled
2143643Transaction data is doubled when querying from script logic   with duplicated mem
2206139Syntax error and warning in CL_UJO2_FORMULA_HELPER_FOR_UT and   CL_UJO2_UT_UTILIT
2164827Support the keyword [LEVEL00] in BPC member formula when HANA   MDX enabled
2193366Runtime error raised when refreshing a report with only one   member which is set
2182194Report expansion is wrong for TDH dimension with HANA MDX   enabled
2202312Refresh report with TDH dimension encounters error or   retrieves no data from ba
2192331Parameter setting issue related with max query size check and   max resultset che
2167792No data returned in the report in some cases when the query   cache is switched o
2191727Incorrect data returned when a member from multiple   hierarchies of one dimensio
2130819HANABPC should check the size of the query resultset
2203870Error message may not contain detail information
2191056EPMRetrieval shows Incorrect query value when TDH dimension   exists
2207219Delete the temporary hierarchy table after processing the   relevant dimension
2168914Data not retrieved for duplicate members under different   hierarchy
2185462Data in report may be wrong if there are nested member   formulas involved
2197109Closing behavior of Input form does not work correctly
2193545Web report shows "ID - ID" rather than "ID -   Description" in Context bar.
2201831The saved live report is not able to modify description.
2194130The disabled "Auto-Refresh" option does not work   correctly when opening a web r
2172282Report or Input form in workspace does not get refreshed after   user clicks the
2197911No title is displayed in case report does not have description
2122757Hierarchy expansion and member selection are not remembered in   member selector
2195310Enhance "Save" and "Save As" functionality   on Web report
2195786Duplicate queries when SAVE AS report
2194073The message "Some members in the report definition are   unavailable" appears in
2169317Decouple CPMBPC 810 with POASBC
2127983BPC 10.1 Standard, report and input form expansion settings   now support dimensi
2190604SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW Localization   for China Central No
2206215BPC 10.1 Standard, in web client, moving a folder contains sub   folders from "PU
2187798BPC 10.1 Standard, in web cilent Library tab,  when moving folder/file among fo
2198427BPC 10.1 Standard, in web cilent Library tab,  when moving folder/file among fo
1872718How to create BEx query with BPC calculation
2203960Bex Query generated from BPC model with member formula shows   incorrect data in
2193546Journal is not pasted the latest copied content from Excel.
1660204Evdre report shows incorrect periodic data in YTD application
2205813BPC NW Unable to call a start routine and an end routine   together
2163661Runtime error raised when executing Data Manager package in   parallel mode
1505729Process Chain /CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN error
2191654Package get incorrect status if data records are rejected
2189366Sql code 260 or 1328    encountered when running disaggregation/Allocation on han
2115729Report data is incorrect after enabling native hana model
2199397Error message handling when finalize BPF process by no   authority user
2198334The member of dimension was "null" string in the   comment report from BPF
2198159Ownership manager save failed and raise exception   CX_ST_DESERIALIZATION_ERROR
1720785Fix cl_ujp_ut_ownership_editor syntax error
2207299Unable to save new journal with error message "invalid   member selection in scop
2200672The warning message always pops up when refresh the journal   details
2188900The response of pasting data into journal entries grid is very   slow.
2179259The parent node of group type dimension can't be selected when   using "Copy to"
2193652The option of ID and Description in journal detail table   header are not selecte
2205269The member selector of multiple header can't be closed by   clicking ok when you
2207707The journal status don't be shown in journal report
2191629The dimension members in context bar are changed after pasting   data into journa
2203042The detail dimension can't be moved back to header dimension   in journal templat
2192274The context in the journal list should not be locked after   model switch
2206131The context in journal list is incorrect when from Business   Process Flows
2205709The "A" type dimension can be moved to header   dimension in journal template
2196412Selected columns in Journal list disappear after refresh page   or re-logon
2193035Saved button will be enabled after clicking add button in   Maintain Values dialo
2195791Save still be triggered after changes are cancelled in   journale template
2193026Resize add/maitain value in journal template, OK button will   be out of the dial
2192336Reopen rules  page will   not be refreshed after saving the journal template succ
2192967Remove button is always enabled when no line is selected in   the ADD/MAINTAIN va
2192398Remove All button should not be enabled if there are no values   in the ADD/MAINT
2183955Only limited number records are copied into Journal details
2200634Move up and move down buttons in journal template are enabled   improperly
2173150Member validation fails if the dimension is displayed as   description
2181004Journal double posting issue
2103583Journal dimension member description  display
2197409Journal Column Width Changed During Upgrade
2194651Jounal list is sorted wrong when it's sorted by modified date.
2193033In add/maitain value, the cancel button can not work
2171106Improve error message from UJ_VALIDATION while saving, posting   or unposting jou
2176983Data pasted into Journal entries table go into one cell
2177450Data pasted into Journal entries table go into one cell
2198939Column selector should be removed since there is only one   column in Maintain Va
2192135Column selector of Journal Detail can't work well  in journal preview
2206124Can not get the correct journals by context when user enter to   journals list pa
2030269Auto-reversed journal is saved into next period only by time   hierarchy
2195391Auto reverse in journal editor grayed out after being checked
2198858Additional property value is too long and no tooltip to view   the full value in
2199050Additional header count need to be changed to Additional   Property Count
2194654Add/maintain value cannot be open after it's closed by   clicking close button or
2202885"undefined" is shown in the created by field in   journal list table
2206102Group member is missing when change view type in control   monitor and then open
2205996Error message say entity member does not exist when change   view to entity hiera
2207692Control Monitor cannot be accessed - Get Control Monitor   Failed error: Work Sta
2205745Control monitor can not open if user has no authorization for   all control enabl
2152942Read and update state in Work Status Dialog does not work   correctly on Consolid
2194458Correct description for business rule method type of D and L
2187976When we want to change an instance assignment, sometime the   dialog don’t have s
2189514The button “Return to activity” cannot work when open an excel   report from BPF.
2194437BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF template's description shall not be   empty when user swit
2186834BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF copy template dialog with unexpected   horizontal scroll b
2206608The meaning of "Smartform body" field and how to   maintain it-BPC NW 10/10.1
2211912Email notification functionality doesn't work in BPC NW 10.x
2211660BPC 10.1 Standard web client, BPF Instance status may not   correct when BPC runn
2117345[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Standard,Remove unnecsarry   "initial value" flag for fi
2168338[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF callback on step   region  status change f
2159604[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Standard, add comment information in   BPF submit/review
2145472[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Standard SP07 localization   enhancement on BPF review/o
2165999Copy and paste in Security report does not work
2167977Auto-change backgroud color for Frequency was removed after   scrolling down or u
2167974Auto-change backgroud color for Frequency in Data Audit is   incorrect after savi
2195114Scope as owner dimension in work status should use virtual   hierarchy for Consol
2141893Program to re-calculate the sequence of account transformation   business rule
2201293Other cell values in account based calculation detail page   will change unexpect
2207772Model list in business rule show different orders between   internet explorer and
1726472Configurable Namespace for BPC generated NW roles
2189598BPC10.1 Cannot create DAP if ID contains Chinese character
2201133BPC 10.1 Standard, In System report for user, the user full   name format shall f
2202881Variable defined in SUB/ENDSUB is not recognized correctly
2181525REC function calculate incorrect result when multi REC   statement defined in WHE
2184365Performance improvement of Allocation with huge dimension   members
2195744Incorrect validation result with variable defined in   SUB/ENDSUB statement
2193640Improve detail message when processing Nested Member Formula
2205632Dimension member <ALL> can not recognized in   RUNALLOCATION function in BPC750
2208069Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for NetWeaver web   page shows a blank p
2176189The selection is changed in the master data by the position of   scroll bar.
2202410The save warning information disappear
2201945The column selection popup cannot be closed without refreshing   browser
2122310Modify BPC web client to support customized enhancement
2182088Incorrect shared memory size of UJA_BPC_BUFFER_SIZER
2201974Failed to sort in member list page
2196427"ID is not unique" validation error when adding and   deleting dimension member
2165451"ID is not unique" validation error occurs when   re-adding a property in Structu
2209217Lack of tooltip in the dimension list in enable control dialog
2203483Column dimension name in the control assignment page will   disappear if move the
1896651How to remove old key figure from BPC model on DB2\DB6\HDB
2199620Cannot enable Large Key Figure in stabilized Model on HDB
2195242BPC 10.1 Standard, copy Model fails randomly in BPC web client   on systems with
2200730Fail to copy Environment
2191814Error in SLG1 when processing dimensions with time dependent   hierarchies
2210171BPC NW: Translate dimension descriptions
2196473Allow modify model with BW transformation from BPC in special   condition
2200542Where is description for task and data access profiles stored?
2170043Web page slides to an incorrect position in journal list
2147281Unable to process a dimension within Business Planning and   Consolidation 10.0 f
2053133Unable to install EPM Add-in with Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus   Release
2193471Troubleshooting guide for BPC report related issue - BPC NW   10.0/10.1
2204598The saved columns are shown incorrectly in the master data   page
2195814The column setting to hide or display on grid is not saved.
2194601Syntax error on BW 7.40 SP05 or later
2140217SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Central   Note
2195778SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch01   Central Note
2095862SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Central   Note
2195779SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch05   Central Note
2207280Run BPC consolidation package successfully but the result   shows 0 SUBMITTED AND
2195780Remove animation when switch between BPC web client workspace   in PC web client
2103585Product Component Matrix for SAP Business Planning &   Consolidation 10.1, versio
2030418Plan & Consol 10.1 for NetWeaver Documentation Addendum
2202257No MemberDefinition without blank member
2171559Installation Checker for BPC NetWeaver
2207127How to make "Create DB Statistics" faster in Lite   Optimization
2210279How to customize the URL prefix in email notifications
1980259How to change Subject line in the BPF mails - BPC 10.0 NW
2210209General error "There is an error in XML document   (X,X)" - BPC 10.1 NW , BPC 10.
2201768FAQ regarding programs UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and   UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE - BPC
2201711Error "Index was out of range" or "Wrong CSV   format" occurs in EPM add-in with
2165906EPM BPC Monthly Newsletter
2211568EPM Add-in does not show Medium text in member selector   display properties
2211364Data cannot be generated as expected when Currency dimension   is set to <ALL>
2202323Compatibility matrix for BPC ABAP components of release 10.0
2028096checkman error fix in SP03
2210709Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for NetWeaver and   Composite Provider f
2140196Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP18 Central   Note
2069510BPCNW - Installation issues in BPC
2177186BPC10: Data Manager - Master Data descriptions not loaded /   partially loaded to
2202396BPC_MIGRATE_TO_HANA reposrts error to say hana is not enabled
2010964BPC parameters list and how they impact system behavior- BPC   NW 10.0/10.1
2074370BPC NW: Does Business planning and consolidation support SAML   Single Sign On?
2211771BPC NW Dump error when Deleting Dimension Members
2203544BPC model becomes inactive in RSA1
1634922BPC 10.0 NW Collective Note for Performance Improvement
1900995BCP10NW + EPM Add-in: After Notes 1858256 - Refresh report   results in error - U
2200517Cannot drag and drop for IE9 in BPF workspace
2181414BPC 10.1 Embedded, modified user/modified time for folder/file   should be kept w
2198841[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Embedded & Standard, restrict   export file type to "csv
Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS )
1925126TIME member not found by logic script in case of multiple   hierrachies.
2186645String concatenation functionality is working incorrectly for   specific case
2182670*RENAME_DIM statement working incorrectly
2210695*REC command used in script logic does not give the result   expected.
2211849Unable to login to BPC web admin when multiple users are using   BPC at same time
2192074XMLA: How to configure XMLA for BPC 10 MS
2182976Web Service Extensions
1804408User cannot connect after name change - Invalid UserId
2211907Unable to schedule the data change audit
1799540SAP BusinessObjects EPM Solutions Connection Manager (Plugin)
2180152Open Excel with Addins fails systematically
2202862Object reference not set to an instance of an object when   processing a dimensio
2180186New hierarchy added to a dimension not showing in EPM Add-in
2210591Is office home edition supported
2202927HTTP 413: Request Entity Too Large  - BPC 10.0
2164682Help menu does not load
2121218EPM Add-in losing connections in Citrix / Terminal Services
2206527Does BPC MS support cloud environment?
2207655BPC: ASP.NET is not authorized to access the requested   resource
2052929BPC MS Performance Issues
2205831BPC MS 10.0 SP17 Version number of administration client not   updated
1678822BPC 7.0 / 7.5 / 10.0 / 10.1 for Microsoft: Third Party   Software Support Matrix
2112337BPC 10.1 MS - Frequently Asked Questions
2207088BPC 10 Admin client does not start
2202193#NAME displays where EPM formula is referenced
1366676SAP BPC: What Service Pack, Patch and Build Version am I   running ?
2198097BWINA: Not possible to display all types of descriptions
2065939Package link schedule doesn't run on the last day of schedule
2196980What is required from customer for incidents related to EPM   Add-in Local Connec
2203481Sheet Options of EPM add-in is not displayed completely
1934026Internet Explorer 11 supportability - BPC 10
2196960Incidents related to EPM Add-In for Local Connections
2207704How to map an InfoProvider Technical Name with TXTLG field in   BW
2196250Forwarding EPM Add-In Local Connections to development team.
2008261EPM Local Connection remote access to customer
2147899EPM Add-in: Using higher than 100% Windows display screen   resolution
2204428EPM Add-in Sheet Options missing or blank
2152539EPM add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 23
2197030Connecting a Report to a different connections while using EPM   Add-in Local Con
2147402Check points for EPM Add-in issue on BPC NW
2195061BWINA: Workbook size grows each time it is saved on the server   using the EPM Sa
2202403BWINA: User is not prompted for variable values at   reconnection time if variabl
2190093BWINA: The position of the Lower-level nodes and result does   not reflect the qu
2193716BWINA: Text Key Figures are formatted depending on regional   settings
2199889BWINA: SetPlanningSequenceVariable API not working with 0DATE   dimension variabl
2195502BWINA: Set Variables not working
2195527BWINA: Loop in the prompt when we have a submit error
2195526BWINA: Local Member Formatting on Row and Column is lost
2195510BWINA: Local member disappears
2189555BWINA: Issue with popup when opening Excel Workbook from a BPF   with 'do not sto
2189556BWINA: Excluded members feature not working
2195504BWINA: Excel Crashes when variables set many times
2191454BWINA: Error when changing variable values for a shared report
2203752BWINA: EPMVariableValue function can't retrieve not   input-ready variables value
2195508BWINA: Data Validation Formatting removed after prompt   variable
2198053BWINA: BPF Variables values are not taken into account in the   EPM add-in
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2190659BPCNW: Slowness when opening shared reports with TDH or   switching workbooks
2190610BPCNW: Scanning problem with page header created before SP16
2194693BPCNW: EVDRE report does not work after being set back to   online
2206726BPCNW: EPM add-in load registry entry missing for Office 365   installation
2194376BPCNW: Distribution process fails with "error in refresh   sheet" message in case
2190651BPCNW: copy/paste in Word or PowerPoint can keep only one row   after refresh
2188659BPCNW: Cannot display EVMBR member selector when EvDRE   worksheet is protected
2194722BPCNW: Automatic refresh triggered after opening CSV file in   EXCEL and switchin
2196110BPCMS:Add modify tag in package log
2199319BPC:Change Workstatus UI is now using the current view display   property
2193198BPC: Unwanted comment on Local member
2197578BPC: Two logon attempts when the user enters incorrect   credentials
2183936BPC: Excel crashes when launched from BPC web 10.1 in serbian   latin
2206468Analysis Office 2.1 EVDRE limitation
2197562ALL:Error with Override function with blank members and Remove   Empty and Zero V
2196850ALL:Error when opening insert member selector
2199949ALL:Error in refresh on several shared reports
2197484ALL:copy paste in word reduce report to one line
2202739ALL:#RFR for EPMSaveData formula when coming back from offline
2196818ALL: When comment is shown as tool tip and not returned by the   server, #RFR is
2195460ALL: Schedule distribution via email not working with Windows   8.1 and Excel 201
2190162ALL: Distribution issue with long worksheet names
2174596ALL: Dimension members highlighted in the context panel in   direct typing mode
2196782ALL: AfterRange in EVDRE report with EVSUM in the range is not working for nest
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