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Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW ) 


1789181How to check security data with   BPC NW 10
1826727BPC NW version mapping matrix
1851071UJP_EXCEPTION_050 No range found for percentage in method   table
1862768EPMWorkStatus function displays wrong status
1941579Getting blank screen when accessing BPC web after installation   - BPC 10 NW
1959272Logs for changes on BPC dimension members
2035528New T-code to upload EPM Add-in installation file to server -   BPC 10.1
2088171BPF instance created for all members regardless of selection
2092556Cannot Transport BPC environment
2095862SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Central   Note
2096821BPC NW: Installation of BPC NW Services Pack
2253847How to add children or base members related to a Driving   dimension member withi
2147380BPC NW: New Property values does not display in EPM Add-In.
2148529Logic script fails with the error "UJO_READ:An exception   was raised"
2262599Error "Can not insert TempTable   SAPBPC:0BW:BIA:BI0_0QXXXXXXX"
2201768FAQ regarding programs UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and   UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE - BPC
2205112SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch01   Central Note
2207748The column setting to hide or display on grid is not saved in   the embedded.
2211253Transport failing due to ADMIN team and its folders
2213030The context bar of the adding new hyperlink is aligned   differently with Overvie
2244983Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Data Access Profiles
2217783Utility API: Format user name in web UI
2217912The lock option of "Key Date" in the scope context   bar is not inherited correct
2225333The options of ‘Display as’ in Context Options on context bar   of Overview is no
2232271Using File download style to open EPM report under Firefox and   chrome browser a
2234510SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch06   Central Note
2234508SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch04   Central Note
2239071Error "UJJ_EXCEPTION_092" and error   "UJJ_EXCEPTION_048" occur when saving a jou
2240726BPC NW 7.5 and 10 versions will not support Netweaver 7.50
2240931Fail to return to BPC activity workspace from EPM-addin
2242734Add parameter to control the logon language
2244969Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Member Formulas
2244947Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Logic Scripts
2244942Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog from Work   Status
2244919Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog from   Drill-Through
2244896Inconsistent "Delete" button from Drill-Through
2245014Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   "Save as" dialog
2244994Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Users
2244989Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Teams
2244988Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Task Profiles
2245264Inconsistent "Delete" Confirmation Dialog-Page of   Library
2245269Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Data Changes
2245283Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Drill-Through
2245287Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Data Changes
2245292Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Logic Scripts
2245299Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Users
2245343Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Data Access Profi
2245330Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Task Profiles
2245325Inconsistent "Back" Confirmation Dialog-Page   Configuration of Teams
2245882ZDO enablement for after import method UJT_AFTER_IMPORT
2254005EPMDocument function doesn't work - BPC 10.1 NW
2255322LOOKUP function is not working with multiple labels
2239087SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP03 Patch02   Central Note
2256639BPC Dimension, "Next 100 Item" failed to expand   hierarchy
2257033BPC : NW : Error : "Error found retrieving data"
2258372Fix checkman issues ( for internal technical purpose only )
2259508Does BPC support Windows 10?- BPC NW
2259974Error "During RFCs or update, no exception classes can be   used" when user tries
2267Email notifications based on BPC Data Manager Package status
2260464SAP BPC 10.x NW Improvements with the New SAP HANA MDX
2261512What is the task ID for allowing Web Reports in Public Folder   to be updated
2261658BPC 7.5 NW Business Process Flow email notifications
2261683BPC 7.5 NW How to automate Data Manager package
2261925BPC NW: Invalid member formula existed in model XXXX when   ENABLE_HANA_MDX param
2262251Report refresh error after enabling hana mdx parameter
2262290UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 when creating YTD report in Periodic   model
2262317ICDATA erase data when running by user with limited   authorization
2262362How to check the SAP UI5    version - BPC 10.1
2262543BPC NW: MDX SYNTAX CHECK WITH MEMBER [XXXX].[PARENTH1] when   setting parameter E
2262520In input form, send a data that disappears immediatly
2262528BPC NW: The supportability of SAML on EPM Addin
2262575/CPMB/ROLL_UP skipped (not required for SAP HANA database)   when running /CPMB/L
1777603BPC NW Teams, Tasks and Data Access Profiles inconsistent on   target system afte
1967595Performance improvement for reading master data
2080413Definition of BPC MDX hierarchy view should not contain space   character
2220597Time dependent hierarchies are not working in the web report   in special case
2230952Un-deleted member is not loaded in BPC web client
2234698Permit removing property from a Dimension if it is used by   Drill Through
2237115Fail to enable Large Key Figure
2257720Unjustified error message 'DROP VIEW XXX' in SLG1 log after   executing program U
2257734Fix the exception occurs while refreshing dimension
2258111Enhance the performance of reading master data
2259449UJHANA_REFRESH_VIR_CUBE runs on Model that not enabled HANA   MDX
2260217Control detail page should always display control ID in the   view
2262329CMS logon window keeps popping up - BPC NW 7.5
2249125Failed to see security report If member access profile is set   to property.
1877597Audit data stored in archive tables cannot be purged
2252163Failed to open data audit system report
2226600User withou view or run control profile can still access   Control Monitor
1615644How to reactivate environmentshell
2182088Incorrect shared memory size of UJA_BPC_BUFFER_SIZER
2224146Paste' function(Ctrl+V) is not working in "Members of   Dimension" page
2236445With pasting some text into ID cell, Save button is enabled
2239871Page stuck when copy & paste  a large amount of data
2259993Error "Overlapping check with archived data areas for   InfoProvider" When trying
2221117Exception occurs in LOOKUP function when no member found with   filter condition
2237791UJK_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION occurred with dynamic variable in   script
2262294Script Logic generates unexpected value
1509077Error: "The user ID, password cannot be   authenticated."
1576791Error "IIS Configuration in Server Manager   Diagnostic"
2239537DAP loading takes long time to show all models
2241704Save button can not actived when user change business rule   settings
2192422"Parent could not be determined from master data of   dimension" error occur when
2244095Error found in system', when you run BPC HANA allocation
2256951Error "UJ_STATIC_CHECK: Error found in system " when   running allocation after e
2119716BPC 10.1 Standard BPF Deadline enhancement
2194688BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF deadline job may not been executed when   deadline time re
2214349Work status could not be submitted when triggering   automatically in BPF
2221724In BPF Template, the text "Process Monitors"  shall be "Process Owners"
2231645BPC 10.1 Standard, enhancement for BPF to support define BPF   activity performer
2234626The context bar of hyperlinks, report or content cannot be   canceled  a dimensio
2262296"error: select one of the installed languages   (termination: RABAX_STATE)" when
2217054When process context’s text length is too long, process   context text will overl
2217073Comment history dialog cannot show long comment in the IE.
2218770The icon before deadline in “MY ACTIVITIES” page should have   tooltip to indicat
2236552UX change in the “MY ACTIVITIES” page.
2250303BPC 10.1 Standard saving related actions in BPF activity   workspace ends in unex
2254476BPC 10.1 Standard activity list of BPF template is not sorted.
2219840Process name should be sorted by process name but not template   name.
2240277When edit the workspace again, the model of sub view’s context   will be unlocked
2242610When an excel file under a team subfolder, use cannot see it   when open browser
2245893Unassigned number of owner will be calculated a wrong result   on some cases when
2217088The table height in the process detail page should not be   adjustable.
2217305In the process monitor detail page, each activity also needs   to show deadline d
2219085The comment’s tooltip cannot show the author and the action   type in the process
2221213In "MY ACTIVITIES" page, activity name shall not be   in bold style if the activi
2221215In "My ACTIVITIES" tab, the columns   "Performer" and "Reviewer" shall be "Perfor
1959838BPC NW: Dump whith UJBR
2246670UJBR backup background job ignore selection parameters   (Application ID, Time, C
2256161Error when you delete/restore environment ID 'BPC'
2256351Consolidation Monitor with referenced Ownership in category   OWN_CATEGORY not di
2235852Not able to expand folders in control set document tab
2242216Execution Level and Breakdown by head can not be seen when   create a new control
2244518Handle error when contro monitor has too many dimensions in   context
2258210Error "fail to run control set consolidation"   "MDX Statement error: error in BW
2262473Cannot dismiss Control result with breakdown under Planning   Model
2262623Error "Selecting parent member for dimension CURRENCY is   not allowed" when runn
2262652Status aggregation for Controls run on Translated Data is   incorrect in Control
1976574EPU audit report does not show the other comprehensive income   of minority corre
2229793Error message is not very clear when set the parameters in   journal template
2112728"Copy to" supports to copy all journals of a group   to a new group
2181004Journal double posting issue
2197409Journal Column Width Changed During Upgrade
2211938The second click on Post button can't work after clicking   close icon to close t
2213004Remove button is always enabled in the additional properties   table toolbar
2214021The color of cells which be changed  in additional properties table do not be r
2213969Credit/dedit field can not be enabled if manually input   members in journal entr
2213962The save button are enabled for deleted journals in journal   detail
2215019Journal can not be opened if user only has the task of post   journal or lock jou
2214902Refreshing Journal with criteria other context does not work
2216717The wrong error message when open the journal list first time   and the current s
2217991OK button is always enabled in Journey parameters dialog and   no message after s
2218466Can not select the dimension member shown type option easily   in journal detail
2262614"Error: a row already exists with this key" when   posting journal with 2 lines w
2228738Show the dimension id in the "Copy to" and   "Reopen" dialog in journal list
2233390The description of dimension member in context bar show as   "null" after restori
2233442"OK" button is always enabled in "Add/Maintain   Values" dialog in journal templa
2255794Performance issue with journal reopen when lots of files exist   in UJFS.
2256260When you copy a journal with 'COPY TO', the Original ID field   is not generated.
2262578Journal report only holds 4 column per page with bad format in   BPC 10.1
2244595Incorrect calculation of Direct Share method
2212962Latest comment is not retrieved after running copycomment   package
2224843ALL' option is not working via 'Find Comments" action of   EPM add-In
2250148Deadlock occurs when the user runs controls while data load in   progress
2261247Cannot dismiss all the failed control results selected
2219506Journal should show only reporting type models.
1960682BPC NW: Error obtaining concurrency lock (foreign_lock)
2127670After applying Note 1946776 or upgrading to SP12 or higher,   error still occurs
2165028xlsx type transformation file not work
2188258Copy Data Manager Package with Parallel
2250872Validate transformation file doesnot show error information
2260273EPM Excel Add-in - DataManager disabeled
2240932Enhance package '/CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN' to show system error
2250983DM error: cannot use duplicate sequence name: $BPC$MBRSEQ
2255202Misleading error message "Parent has different children   in PARENTHHX and PARENT
2258899Status of 'Delta Initialization' is incorrect
2207841the property panel of document is located in the middle.
2209847"Uploaded by" and "share to" are displayed   as user's ID in DOCUMENTS
2209794The selected member is not placed in the text field on Context   tab in Documents
2210887Context information should display description of the member   of dimension inste
1797532BPC 10 NW Not able to activate EnvironmentShell during first   installation of BP
2171138The lower edge of Excel window overlaps the task bar
2256795Execution of report Default Report failed -   CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS
2224086Paste' function via Keyboard(Ctrl+V) is not working in   Drill-Through
2163596Journal logic script generates duplicated data when posting a   journal
2256317UJF_FILE_SERVICE_CLEAN_LOGS not deleting files/folders with   Model name containi
2262247UJFS folder download creates zip file with 0 Byte files inside
2235826User cannot see value of audit data between 0 and 0.9999999...   in Data change r
1858372Failed to activate ENVIRONMENTSHELL - BPC 10NW
2039992Data cannot be returned fully with I_PACKAGESIZE passed to   Function Module UJO_
2228539Get dump ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT while doing filter in Analyzer   after applied note
2210814BPC 10.1 Standard for NW 740, to support transport   files/folders under team fol
2215443BPC 10.1 Embedded moving resources among folder shall be   prompted to overwrite
2234104Null' value is shown in 'Group Title' or 'Series Title' in the   Web Chart
2235163Scroll always displays on Live report even if content ranges   only in one page.
1999110UJO_READ_EXCEPTION MDX statement error when ENABLE_HANA_MDX is   set
2243941Support using attribute with display type in BPC with HANA MDX
2178152More records are returned or dump occurred when query data on   HANABPC
2206128Performance improvement of script logic on HANA when the   native HANA model para
2208170Run SQE HANA Query Fail: Error executing physical plan   operation execution fail
2045455Users are not able to disable logout menu
2101349Check points for currency translation issue
2218893Consolidation in embedded model bug fixing - SAP_BW
2218894Consolidation in embedded model bug fixing - CPMBPC
2072418Performance improvement of reading ownership data
2259071Result is doubled when source data of non-interco matches   elimination rule of '
2219976Periodic calculation is unexpected when group property   STORE_GROUP_CURR'' is se
2249707Unable to run CT the second time due to "Running process   exists" .
2253916Incremental currency translation does not generate data if   OWN_CATEGORY is used
2251525Program ICDATA doesn't work after applying Note 2099396
1630688BPC Transporting Security Deletes Objects in Destination
1882091BPC NW: How to run transport in BPC 10.0?
1935506BPC InfoObjects could not be transported via BW original   transport method
1967432BPC Transports Object Types Missing after BW 7.4 upgrade
2053137How to troubleshoot transport issue when there is no detailed   error in transpor
2203497Will BPC transport the changements configured in BW backend?
2255266Fail to transport model with error 'Failed to read data from   model'
1816926Error when attempting to import BPC transport request on the   target system
2128288BPC Transport: Error in Admin module or a component used by   Admin module. Faile
2241572Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Controls
2231683EPMCellContextDocument function through Excel Add-In is not   working
2228434BPC 10.1 Standard and Embedded, when jump from EPM add-in  to BPC web client, w
2247785Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Webclient -1
2247821Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Webclient -2
2247824Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Webclient -3
2247826Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Webclient -4
2247827Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch 01 -   Webclient -5
2250884Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP03 Patch 02
2257073Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 04
2229722The 'Show in Contexts' and 'Lock' option in the 'Context   Options' dialog are no
2194610[10.1] The lock option of scope context bar in the workspace   is not inherited f
2242148The report wizard cannot be opened once after executing   EPMCellContextDocument
2234470Expand button is missing when the display mode is changed in   Member Seleoctor
2243770The display mode cannot be changed any more in Member Selector
2262534Change of behavior of the search functionality in BPC web   member selector betwe
2249632The member in the Comment column is not configured correctly.
2213The icon for restoring to default member on context bar should   be disappeared w
2213095New report is not added into workspace after deleting a   report.
2197Change of work status is decoupled from control status
2236448Support BAdI in Workstatus to get owner and manager for   customer
2253838IE9: Change work status, "System Error, Contact your   system administrator" pops
1565809Settings for BW query F4 help
2099335Daemon job for BPC
2187802web client feature configuration utility
2228081The links at the bottom are covered by a white image if   shrinking the browser
2238413Inconsistent messages should be modified in confirmation   dialog
2241594Fix of user experience of "delete" behavior in   administration
2232215Support launching EPM add-in in Analysis Office 2.2 in Chrome   browser
2240913Hyperlink display as "..."  after clicking "rename" in BPF   template workspace
2262587Work status change does not pick up workspace context
2262715"failed to retrieve dimension member" when selecting   members in System Reports

Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS ) 

1328702Centralized Logging
1384978Error: "An error has occurred: Cannot create ActiveX   component."
1752871How to enable logging for the EPM add-in [VIDEO]
1757335How to use server name in URL to connect to BPC Server
2070402SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 version for the   Microsoft platform
2243957In Workspace, the selected values on context bar in Overview   are not inherited
2117369Troubleshooting data discrepancies in BPC [VIDEO]
2134385Users could not send a data when WebDav is turned on
2216737BPC 10.0 Security setup documentation
2219396SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for Microsoft   SP04 Central Note
2224078Administration activity audit shows wrong information when   user changes the "Co
2227388"Directory Browsing" Diagnostic does not need to be   checked as a mandatory prer
2228561Group Title' and 'Series Title' cannot be saved in chart of   the web report.
2229251No "FIM" log files are found in the   "PrivatePublications" folder
2229096There is no dimension information for pie chart of the web   report with a hoveri
2229680Column width of web report cannot be reduced to the minimum   width
2229683Width of the report column is not resized automatically by   double-clicking the
2232800User cannot see any text in the "SQL Local Data   Directory" when restoring an en
2238364In data grid of BPC Web client, sequential number areas are   covered with data a
2238362The journal list cannot be retrieved when a user restores a   member of the heade
2240979Customize branding for Web client
2241045Customize menu sequence in Web client
2241071Added journal item does not show on the Journal report
2241065Added Journal item does not show on the Journal list view page
2242731Customizing the URL for Business Planning and Consolidation
2243959Member selector is initialized after opening again.
2245159Sub-steps in "Process Overview" are not displayed   after exporting a report to f
2245157"Uploaded on" date in "DOCUMENTS" does not   display immediately after a file upl
2245203The user sees only a blank space on the detail tab of a system   report using the
2245979Refresh button in user details of "Users"   "SYSTEM REPORTS" does not work.
2247765In Workspace, the members on scopecontext for an input form   are not saved
2247767The Input report from MY BOARD has different context members   from the original
2247948"Connect to Environment" popup windows shows   unnecessary button and column info
2248490Journal doesn’t save the selected model and member on context   bar.
2248968Chart in "MY BOARD"    shows wrong axis information
2249646Journal Report doesn’t display any data even if data exists.
2249649Journal displays a dimension that is not defined as header   dimension on context
2250318Related actions of Process do not work whlie running the   actions
2250333Defined Web Report by Process action is not opening correctly
2253413Related actions that are related to Data Manager do not work   in a specific scen
2254135BPC-MS : Error "DriverInit failed" when performing   publish book process
2257600BPC10: Unable to load the dimension member sheet in the BPC   Administration Clie
2257765Script Logic file is not exported in Sync mode by CTS
2257790Error occurs when trying to import web context of team folder   using CTS
2257838Books in team folder are not exported when using CTS
2257868Consolidation Monitor is not supported as an action in BPF
2257866XDIM_MAXMEMBERS does not work for cases of multiple line   definitions
2252707Cannot launch Web report using a related action when the   target action is "Data
1102362How to round my currency translation to X amount of decimal
2234672Data of member sheet crashes when processing a dimension in a   specific case
2258306In BPC MS 10.X admin client, action pane button may not work   correctly in small
2258446Full optimize hangs with IIS specific option on the BPC   Administration Console
2257897Reviewer actions for the next step are not displayed
2248374SPRunConversion process seems to be hanging in special cases
2248377Support post logic script in Consolidation Monitor
2248380Support 'Auto Generated Closing' functionality in Journals
2248381LC is not a proper member for currency translation in the   Consolidation Monitor
2248382Running currency translation with multiple currencies in   Consolidation Monitor
2248383Support centralized logging in Consolidation Monitor
2253365The result of currency conversion for a period is doubled #   BPC MS
2229372BPC-MS:copy/paste journal entries not possible
2234076Copy and paste in "Journal Entries" grid does not   work correctly
2257931User cannot find any information regarding the backup file
2225222SPSKI_ICDATA logic does not work and raises an exception error
2234634Validation error occurs regarding 'DESTINATION_MODEL'   terminology in script log
2234600Users can see the entire journal report list regardless of   data access profile
2234675Users are not able to drill down to base level members in Web   reports
2238352Unexpected sidebar appears beside BPF context table when a   user presses the Tab
2225691Journal Report shows wrong data when users try to print
2245297Focus of the tab bar disappears after clicking   "Browse.." when adding a documen
2246677"Scaling Factor" and "Number Format" do   not work in Chart
2257699Incorrect report name in Process Overview report
2257936Title is always System Report when user clicks ‘print’ in   System reports
2257935Data in System reports is divided irregularly when user clicks   ‘Print’ in Syste
2257892Pie chart in My Board always shows a "YTD - year to   date" caption even when the
2257895Incorrect tooltip for locked scope context
2258301Support Chrome browser
2224071Context View on the Ownership Manager displays wrong   information



2241347BPC: Multiple add-in issue
2242779ALL: Analysis installation - issues with EPM add-in
2243565BPC: Memory is not properly released when closing input   workbook
2243453ALL: BOE publication does not work with EPM add-in for .NET   4.0
2243732BWINA: Error when trying to browse server folders
2244160ALL: Pane and bar flickering issue
2244414ALL: Suppressed Member parameter in Publication Template
2244319BPC: Rejected data from package view cannot be displayed
2244420ALL: Lock vs unlock in formatting sheet
2245574ALL: Context lock lost with Excel 2013
2246393BWINA: Variable order
2246789BPC: Opening a document from server can lead to excel crash
2249152ALL: Context member changes by API not saved in user   preferences
2249174ALL: Refreshing a report by API in the AFTER_WORKBOOK_OPEN   event
2249785ALL: Window style change
2249968ALL: issue with expand/collapse on nested dimensions
2254379ALL: EPMMemberID can return a previous value
2256084BPC: Excel crash after calling DataManagerFilesUpload API
2257608Error "Microsoft excel has stopped working" when   printing from EPM report in Ex
2251284ALL(BAPI): navigation attributes not all provided for data
2259913VBA code that used to work in EPM Add-in 10 no longer works in   Analysis for Off
2261109FPMXLClient file missing error when trying to publishing EPM   report to BI
2249390BWINA: INA provider HTTP compression support
2262602How to set by default "ID and description" for the   display in the BPC web membe
2246432BWINA: Execution of Planning Sequence and Errors
2246400BWINA: UseCacheValidityDuration is not supported
2250522BWINA: display dimension names and variable prompt
1883581EPM Add-in displays incorrect dimension member values in   member list
2261114Only one member shows as selected in member selector even   though there are mult
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